Sorceress soda

Sorceress soda

1. Do not pay for expensive softener for the meat - it is the same, our soda, but in a nice wrapper. You need to quickly fry the meat, boil for some time, and even that was mild? Guba not fool all want some sort something. What do we do? Rubbed a piece of soda and a few hours in the refrigerator. Before cooking, I soak the meat in running water, remove the remnants of soda to them in spirit was not. Even old volovinu in this manner can a young veal mow.

2. How do I check on the fitness of soda? If you pay off your soda with vinegar, and while pop goes vyalenkaya, then fizzled out soda. (But do not throw out: sprinkle the bottom of the garbage can, and let the rest of more work for the benefit.) Sealed pack of soda lived 18 months, open all 6. Do not be lazy replaced by fresh one and read the expiration date on the pack.

3. Wash fruits and vegetables, I advise in a soda water - soda gets there, where the water is not able to. You do not want to have fish remained an unpleasant fishy smell? 2 teaspoons baking soda per liter of water and a towel or tissue in this solution muffle your fish fillet or pieces. For an hour in the refrigerator. Rinsed, and forward. Your omelets will be more elaborate, if soda give, and accelerate the cooking beans, beans and soda will help on the tip of a knife. In addition, when you gobbled up your chili, pea porridge whether or lobio, will not you, pardon ma Fransais, become swollen.

4. There is no yeast in the house? And it does not matter. Vitamin C or aspirin, then at least there? One of the two mixed fifty-fifty with soda, to the extent in which you needed yeast (still on their brew is not used up). And you know what amazing? Your dough will not rise until you get into the oven. But already there ... And who likes when hands, zvynyayte stink after cooking onions, garlic, fish knives, too, does not smell better? And we are clever, we hand soda instead of soap swill. We bought a jar of pickled cucumbers beautiful, and they are vinegar, sour solid. Where our soda? Only careful - in contact with vinegar foam go strong, so we have a jar in the sink put. 5. I do not like when the drain in the sink dirty. What do I do from time to time: a few spoonfuls of soda is poured into the hole in the catchment grill and stub out the matter with vinegar. And if the beat, something else: a packet of salt and boiling water slide it, this salt (but the best way to clean the case and Pepsi Cola). Dishwasher, you might think, without their expensive powder will not work! I make my own like this: mix 2 teaspoons of baking soda with 2 tablespoons of borax (borax powder). The result will surprise you. By the way, the machine dishwasher from time to time should be treated from the smells of the same soda - sprinkle on a pallet half cup of baking soda, and then drive out the machine in the rinse cycle.

6. refrigerator, microwave, stove stainless steel, coffee makers, juicers, thermos flasks (tell me what else you need to wash) - all I do is my soda. Sponges, which we wash the dishes, you must throw away every week and buy new ones - they are the best breeding ground for germs. This is so they say. Yeah, scattered ... I am flying my lips the same soda and keep the night gubochki his soda in water. Soda eliminates odors very well. Do not be lazy to put a saucer of baking soda in the refrigerator overnight. Dumpster in the kitchen cupboard too fond of times a week with baking soda to make friends. Overpowered kitchen ants - sprinkle the strip along the threshold of soda, all the holes in other people's rooms treat - go.

7. Yes, it's a fact: our cats and write, and cocoa. And this in the tray smell. You may ask, why in the kitchen? This is how anyone, and I in the kitchen cabinet husband cut through the lower hole to them, and that's where we should their closet, sorry. And why? And because I know an example when cats did in the bathroom of my friend, and they always keep the door open. But here come the guests, and shut the door on drunk business. Users that was! Revenge of the cats they cost the change of carpet and flooring. And the smell was still! So let our kitchen, and we cunning - pours soda in the filler, and no smell. A ready-made perfume worth hoo! 8. Sly at home. Struck on the whitewashed and have black stripes? Rebenokvoskovym pencil brushed? Want - soda powertrowel want - Now paint with chalk. Washable wallpaper like soda solution. A good clean carpets and deprive musty odor of the same soda dry. Only Vacuum properly afterwards. piano keys often turn yellow. Continue?

9. In the bathroom, almost all can be washed with soda: from the floor tiles to the tile to the ceiling. No deodorant? Soda on your armpits! Do not buy doroguschy washing and bleaching agents. The quality of any of them can be strengthened by the addition of soda. I use Tide and soda pour a quarter cup. (Remnants I do not throw away - on the grater and there is for the smell In the last cycle, adding some slop cup vinegar table, softens fabric and eliminates electrical charge.).

10. A kit yours too in the bathroom? Then we are treated for burns: a quick soda into the icy water, wet cloth and burn, and keep applying until the burning will not work. (Burns, I still raw potatoes fly and toothpaste). Burned in the sun? 4 teaspoons baking soda per cup of water. Child has chickenpox and comb strongly - make him the tub with baking soda. You cut yourself shaving? Teaspoon of baking soda per cup of water and cut vatochkoy Treat. The same from bee sting. Diaper rash from diapers at the baby, too, is treated with a weak solution of soda.

11. Fell, woke up - gypsum. Who was not wearing does not know how sometimes up to gnashing of teeth itch under the cast. People, it's simple: set your hair dryer on cool mode and managed to blow out under the plaster dry soda. But it is better to have someone help, and then blow out the long soda in his eyes. 12. seduce you whiten your teeth? Or you threatening periodontal disease? I keep soda and salt together with toothpaste, right in plain sight, so as not to forget. Rub the teeth and gums soda, then the salt. And who wears dentures - keep them in a soda solution at night and clean dry baking soda for bleaching. Dandruff, again: rub dry baking soda into the scalp. Did you know that Lucky latches are not washed out completely with shampoo? Add the baking soda shampoo. In the bathroom: do not buy on the label fresheners toilets - you soda him, dear.