Fight against dogs

Fight against dogs

Often heard "with a knife against any dog ​​get out," the man - the strongest animal, etc. But all think and speak are not clear with the "what" they may face "combat unit" - 80 kg, speed of reaction, 3.. 4 times faster than a human, training is not that against knife against the shots go, not just bite, but to work on razdergivanie and destruction, bite through dresskostyum and dresrukav, but when you consider that such a "monster" jumps standing person, physical condition, becoming clear and doubt in the outcome of the fight, personally I do not have, and they are not in favor of the man! I do not want to scare you, but experts unanimously assert that to train a dog-killer possible and training is not difficult. and people trained dogs. In addition, the full roving pack, which also pose a threat to humans.

Out books and articles, where entire chapters and sections devoted to the topic. Actively discussed the issue and on the Internet. They put forward a completely stunning and eye-popping version of the theory and methods. And all this would seem, well, most of what is written and photographed, correct and viable, but no ... Here as always, someone comes and offers simple, but let's look at it now with this hand. And what do we see?

And we see the following:

- Recommendation to take the dog to the "crooked" squaring off, if you follow the guidelines and minimize itself as the goal, the dog is perceived as subordinate posture. That's just so big and healthy, and took the "blown away" to me, well, I gave him more podsyplyu not to excrete. And to be honest, it is most likely, and "podsyplet". After all, a dog, for many it will not look weird - it's a wolf, mutated under the "strict guidance of" the man, but a wolf, respectively habits she practically did not change, ie, if someone was trying to show his coolness, and then.. when aggression took the position of subordination, it must be punished.

- Then, on the pressure points on the body of a dog. Everything is already agreed and agreed that a direct hit in the nose kills dog On approaching the spot. But here someone tried to charge as a dog's nose, and that prevents it just a little wider open its mouth and chew it flies fist.

- About any explosive mixture, and other works of domestic chemical industry can immediately silent, well, show me sane man whose pockets crammed with shells of Kinder Surprise with "cayenne mixture" and other packages (strictly on the recommendations). Any attempts to yell at the dog, a simple psychological check her nervous system, no more than that, you can certainly try, but ... And many, many more of all ...

- From competent advice need only consider that it is impossible to pull his hand out of the mouth, but on the contrary, trying to "drive" it as deeply as possible. But again ... it is but natural and unconscious human response to pain is otdorgivanie hand, it's like a hot iron or kettle, this reaction is simply involuntary and that it "kill" a second try as it should.

So, after this brief introduction, let's move to the essence of a fight with a dog and try to determine what does this whole kitchen is built. • Tactics and fighting equipment

Here, unlike the majority of the recommendations of all the much easier. Based on the fact that the dog attack, anyway, straightforward, basic tactical method, and the movement will be leaving in the direction of the push movement of one hand in the side of the dog's neck, the other in the head down. Actively knocking the dog, so it can, in principle, only to give up their intentions.

Dog being very unsure of themselves and if in continuing some time in her something does not work it simply refuses to perform. The main purpose of protective dog training is to develop in her self-confidence. Now is not the time, when the old kennels, dogs coached on the attack, so that is almost stabbed to death a dog, still trying to tear the enemy. Now mind dogs are much weaker and far more humane methods of dog training that we have in hand.

But we do not bullfighters and bullfighting are, we have no time to argue so dog their superiority, we have no desire to check which one of the first to make a mistake, and it can, and most importantly, for our backs may be those who dodge can not. Therefore, for those active in knocking down the side, immediately followed by the capture of the ears, by the way, this is really a real pain in the area of ​​any dog ​​skins on the shoulder and neck with a further prigibaniem dog's head to the ground. Actively pressuring the dog's head to the ground, followed by a strong football hit the nearest foot in the abdomen. Belly most unprotected place in the dog, and if it does not kill you it such a blow, then, most likely, will force to think about their future behavior. Luba attempts in this fuss to try to beat the hands, or rather fists, ineffective strikes, tend to fall into the skull or neck muscles, the dog almost no effect, and the fists are also divided as a human head.

Continuing to put pressure on the head should be strong snatch motion to overturn the dog on the ground and both knees to pin her, with one knee presses in the lumbar region, and the second - on the neck. Continuation of your actions is already behind you. You can quickly get a knife and cut the animal's throat, one can simply liberated fist, the second remains in control of the dog's head, pounding her in the ribs. The choice is yours.

The second option is less reliable, leaving aside, knocking attack and inflicting kick in the stomach, one hand firmly press the neck of his thigh, and the other hand to pull out the front of the dog paws to yourself. After that, all the same turns to fall before you abruptly turn the dog's paw, that we do not let go, on my own. Then everything as already described.

If the dog still bites and holds your hand. First and foremost, it is the location of your hand. It is important to have time to rotate the forearm, palm down, that many times will reduce the pain. As mentioned above, you reflexively try to pry his hand from the mouth, except that here it is the movement itself needs a little control, ie not abruptly pulling himself will break everything that is torn, and with the power to drag the dog to him and up.

And here, again, a direct blow to toe in the stomach and sexual organs of a dog, a knife is applied from the bottom to the throat of a bitten hand, the movement is short and the animal does not see it. Recommendations to break the skull base aside, because it is very fashionable to wear a dog collar with studs, beautiful and against this case, too. There also towards otodvinem and tricks dog stall on the ground or unwinding it from further hitting the poles, trees, and other angles and surfaces. Hands do not breech and hang on it can not only 25-pound pit, and a 80 pound Caucasian or Asian. It's practically the whole effective technique to counter the dog. From the exotic, if attributed to this work on painful points, you can add a strong blow in the middle of the animal's thigh. At this point, there is a large ganglion, which "turns off" the dog's paw for a fairly long time.

• This is a terrible word "technique"

It is clear that without the practical working all these tips and tricks do not cost much. The whole procedure of preparation to counteract the dog is based on the psychological readiness to join in this struggle, which often causes not that nervous trembling, but stupor.

But we must be ready to fight with animals, it is important PSIHOLOGICHEKAYA ready for such an emergency situation!