How to pickle fish for drying or drying wet

How to pickle fish for drying or drying wet

For curing choose not very big fish up to a pound. In the hot season you need vypotrashivat, in the cold - no. Wash the fish do not need to, just wipe with a dry towel to remove excess moisture. For the preparation you need to be sure to take the coarse salt. Any other will not work, because our goal - not to give the fish taste, and remove moisture from it. This fish drying salty, and so will have a different smell and taste. Less coarse salt only in that it dissolves slowly, but draws more moisture.

Next, proceed as follows: in a bucket or bowl (if neither one nor the other, you can take the pot), pour salt, but not too much. Fish should be put so that the head of one touches the tail of the other. Each layer prosolit well.

Once the fish is over, you need to pour salt on it so that it covers the entire surface. You can add a little sugar to taste. Cover and put under the yoke. The heavier the oppression, the tastier will be fish. He does not allow air to leak into the tank and prevents the growth of bacteria. About 5 hours fish releases its juice - brine. It should be kept as much as possible in a cool place, you can even ice. How much salt fish for drying or curing? Add salt in this way need about two or three days. After this time, in a well-salted fish meat becomes gray. The next step will be preparation for stringing and hanging. Salted fish should be soaked under running water until it starts to not float.

Fish hang out in the following way: special hooks threaded through the eyes and hung on a rope. Fish should dry off after soaking, so it is better to hang out at night, to fly not obsizhivali your catch. In the morning, to scare away the flies, fish sprayed with a solution of vinegar and water. Dried or drying lasts for up to eight days, it depends on the size of fish.

Andrey Scherbakov