How to protect yourself? Self-Defense in the car

How to protect yourself? Self-Defense in the car

It is difficult to imagine modern life without a car. For many it is, it is used by other passengers. For some - it's a great place to carry out an attack.

Judge for yourself, the car - a means to move, means it has limited space. The driver is usually busy hands and feet, and his attention is focused on the management. To escape at once does not work, room for maneuver is small, to call for help when the modern soundproofing car is very doubtful.

The ride in the car with strangers can be dangerous now. Very often, the hostages capture and hold it in cars. Attacks on taxi drivers, unfortunately, not uncommon. It must be very careful making such a trip.

Rules of safe traveling in the car:

1) Do not bring up strangers, if they do not need your help. If the person seems suspicious to you, do not sit in his car

2) If you're in the car alone, lock the door

3) park in crowded places, avoid backyards and alleys

4) During the stay free yourself from the seat belt 5) If you have a self-defense products, place them on the left

6) If you have a car with right-hand drive position of self-defense on your right

7) Adjust the rearview mirror on the passenger, who is in the back seat

8) During the trip with a stranger feel the most relaxed, do not strain, and be prepared for any eventuality

Try as far as possible to avoid conflict. Do not exceed the self-defense measures otherwise you'll turn into an aggressor and can be in the dock.

Do not spare car part with it easily. If you lose your life - it is you do not need, and if you save, earn more. And better to insure your car against such cases.

Do not provoke a conflict themselves, be very polite and do not respond to provocations.

If possible, avoid traveling on public transport - a cluster of negative energy, move more walking and cycling. Moving trains himself.