What to do when a dog attack

What to do when a dog attack

Dog does not rush a man, as a rule, for no reason, therefore, in passing, do not tease the dog, do not look her in the eye and do not let your fear of it.

What to do if the dog is ready to attack you:

Stop firm voice gave the command: "Place", "Stand", "Sit!". In some cases, it triggered a series of commands that causes the animal to confusion.

Throw in the dog's side any subject without raising his hand high. The greatest danger is to squat dog that talks about her willingness to jump.

Push your chin to your chest and held out his hand to protect his throat. Dog can stop a gas pistol and a can of gas on the basis of extracts from red pepper.

What to do when a dog attack:

Turn to face the attacking dog. For protection, use an umbrella, stones, sticks, while retreating to the shelter (fence, house) back and call on others help. If possible, wrap the cloak (coat) forearm and then thrust forward, provoke a dog to bite and swipe on top of the dog's jaw.

If a dog is hit by you on your toes, drop onto his stomach and hands Kreuth neck.

Remember that the pain points the dog is the nose, groin and language.

What to do when a dog bites:

Wash the wound with hydrogen peroxide or with copious amounts of water, the wound circumference lubricate iodine, apply clean bandage. Check with the dog owners, whether it vaccinated against rabies made. Stray dog ​​possible tie - it will save other passers-by and allow bites to find out if you need vaccinations against rabies.

Be sure to contact the hospital for skilled care. Inform the police about the incident, and sanitary services, specifying the exact address of the dog owner's capabilities.