Exercises for the back and spine by Paul Bragg (recommended shooters and not only)

Exercises for the back and spine by Paul Bragg (recommended shooters and not only)

Paul Bragg - one of the first valeologists (valueology - health science). All his life he devoted to the study of a healthy lifestyle and help restore youth and health of many people.

1. Lie on the floor face down, lift your back and bend the arc. The body relies only on the hands and toes. The pelvis should be located above the head. Head down. Arrange the legs shoulder-width apart. Straighten the knees and elbows. Lower the hips almost to the floor. Raise your head and fold it back sharply. Do this exercise slowly. Lower pelvis as low as possible, and then lift it as high as possible, arching the back up. The result is a relaxation of the spine.

2. Lie on the floor face down. Lift the hips and bend the back. The body rests on the hands and toes. Hands and legs straight. Turn the pelvis to the left as much as possible, lowering the left side as low as possible, and then to the right. Arms and legs do not bend. Movement is done slowly and constantly think about stretching the spine. Exercise stimulates the nerves to the liver and kidneys.

3. Sit on the floor, rest on a straight-set hand placed slightly behind. Legs bent. Lift the pelvis. The body relies on bent legs apart and arms straight. Lift the hips up to the horizontal position of the spine. Drop down to the starting position. It relaxes the spine from top to bottom.

4. Lie on the floor on his back. Legs extended, arms to the side. Bend your knees and pull them towards your chest and clasp hands. Within five seconds, hold this position of the body. Without dropping the hands, try to push your knees and thighs from the breast. Simultaneously lift your head and try to touch your chin knees. This exercise is particularly effective for the spine portion where focused nerves controlling the stomach. 5. Lie on the floor face down. Lift the hips high, arching her back arch, head down, resting on straight arms and legs. In this position, go around the room. Exercise stretches the spine, brings relief to the large intestine, stimulating the corresponding nerves.

6. The best thing you can do for the spine - it hang, caught hold of the bar.

Exercising is strictly individual. At first it is necessary to do each exercise no more than two or three times. A day to increase up to five times or more. It is necessary to regularly carry out the entire program daily. Once in the body there have been improvements, it is possible to reduce the performance of up to two times a week to keep the spine flexible and relaxed.

Some people feel after a week favorable changes in two to three weeks to become permanent. However, please note that changes in the spine occurred over many years, and nothing can be corrected in a short time. Health as money: is spent quickly, and earned with great difficulty.