Thirty-three method of using adhesive tape to a hike in war

Thirty-three method of using adhesive tape to a hike in war

1. Close the bag with provisions.

Most long-term packages of products not intended for re-sealing. Use tape to extend the shelf life of such food.

2. To make the rope.

If you are locked in a high house, roll up the tape into a spiral. This cable (if necessary multiwall) will survive.

3. Use as a dressing.

Medical Applications: apply a sterile cotton wool or cloth over the wound and press it down on top of adhesive tape.

4. Make a spear.

If you are in the wilderness in a survival situation, simply attach the shaft to smooth his knife, the result will be a spear, dart, arrow, spear.

5. Use as kindling.

Cut strips of tape - excellent waterproof kindling.

6. Save the glass from breaking.

Apply the adhesive tape on windows and glass products, which is especially important in areas of armed conflict and to natural disasters.

7. Repair the shoes.

If your shoes a hole from a multi-day transition, put in place to break the fabric, and slapped it shut from the inside.

8. Apply a signal for help.

If you lose, and you have a few rolls of different colors, use the contrast of the pieces on a large surface area to improve visibility.

9. Repair the glasses.

Duct tape will return you points if you need diopters or protection from the sun, but the arc of glass or fallen into disrepair (broken, broken).

10. Repair the water tank.

Duct tape close up bottles and other containers.

11. Make laces for shoes. To do this, roll the tape into a tube. If necessary upolovinte it along to makeshift cords passed through the eye in the shoe.

12. Close the hood of the car.

If broken cowl lock - use tape to get the MOT station.

13. Repair the car mirror.

Is the same as repairing glasses or bottles of water.

14. Make Animal Traps

Adhesive tape suitable as a binder or as a cage for weaving and netting (on the lace type).

15. Ankle Support.

Simply wrap the ankle with tape over his naked body in several layers.

16. Make the cuffs.

Scotch - durable material to bind the opponent and game.

17. Make of scotch belt.

Fold the tape in half, and pass through the loops of trousers.

18. Use of an adhesive tape vodyanok on his feet.

Pre-wrap the soles of the feet, if you think you can rub them during the long transition.

19. Keep the tools together

Tools can be connected with adhesive tape.

20. Adhesive tape as a label.

Use an adhesive tape for attaching to the right places or details describing the mark.

21. Adhesive tape for waterproofing documents.

If you have a card, put it on tape. Will help to ensure its water resistance in case of emergency (fall in the water, sweat, rain).

22. Insulate shoes.

Use masking tape inside the shoe as an additional thermal insulation.

23. If the flat tire.

If there is no exit, duct tape will reach the MOT station. It is true for both the bicycle and a motorcycle or car.

24. Adhesive tape for boats.

Adhesive tape will localize the breakdown of the rubber boats. 25. Use camouflage.

Camouflage tape will help to reduce the visibility of the tent or equipment. To do this, use the materials at hand - the branches, grass, etc..

26. Notes the route.

To do this, mount the tape on trees and shrubs (small pieces of adhesive tape).

27. Remove the splinter.

If a splinter rises above the skin, stick to it and tape pull briskly.

28. Fix the arm.

The injured limb can be fixed with adhesive tape.

29. Repair the clothes.

Adhesive tape can be patched holes in the clothing and equipment.

30. Make a cup.

It can be made cup of water from the adhesive tape.

31. Protect the elbows and knees.

If you have to crawl, an adhesive tape may be a protector instead of elbow pads and knee pads.

32. Make the bag.

you can make a bag out of duct tape. You can use it to make a bag of cloth or large leaves.

33. Protect your knife.

Simply attach the tape to the blade.


Of course, here are just some of the methods of using adhesive tape. In fact, its application in the field, at home and at the survival of hundreds and perhaps thousands of options. As always, we can only add that our possibilities are limited only by our knowledge, skills, wit and level of creative thinking.