Soviet studies about the dangers of microwave ovens

Soviet studies about the dangers of microwave ovens

In the USSR in 1976 microwave ovens were banned because of their harmful effects on health, as against them, many studies have been conducted. The ban was lifted in the early 90s after Perestroika.

Here are some of the research results.


1. Accelerate the structural decay products.

2. The milk and cereals creating carcinogens.

3. Change the elemental composition of foodstuffs, causing indigestion.

four . Alter the chemistry of food that can lead to failure of the lymphatic system and the destruction of the body's ability to defend itself from malignant tumors.

5. Bring to an increase in percentage of cancer cells in the blood.

6. Bring to malignant tumors of the stomach and intestines, the general degeneration of peripheral tissue, as well as the gradual destruction of the digestive and excretory systems have a statistically high percentage of people.

7. Reduces the body's ability to absorb vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, vitamin E, and essential minerals lipotropics (substances that promote the acceleration of fat breakdown in the body).

8. The microwave field next to the stove also causes health problems.

9. Heating of cooked meats in a microwave oven causes: d-emergence nitrozodietanolamina (commonly known kantseroagent) destabilization biomolecular compounds active protein aggregated effect of radioactivity in the atmosphere creation kantseroagentov in compounds in milk protein hydrolyzate and cereals. 10. The microwave radiation also causes a change (decay) in catabolic behavior glyukozid- galaktozid- elements and frozen fruits, if defrost them in a microwave oven.

11 causes a change in behavior catabolic plant alkaloids in raw, cooked or frozen vegetables that have been exposed to radiation, even for a short period.

12. A cancer-causing free radicals formed in the molecular structures of certain trace elements in plant materials, particularly in wet roots.

13. Those who took subjected to microwave radiation of food, showed a higher level of statistical gastrointestinal cancers, as well as the general degeneration of peripheral tissue with a gradual destruction of the functions of the digestive and excretory systems.

"The growth of broad nutritional deficiency in the Western world is almost perfectly correlated with the advent of microwave ovens. This is no accident. Microwave ovens heat the food by molecular friction creating process, but it is most fragile friction quickly destroys vitamins and phytonutrients molecule (herbal medicines), naturally contained in foods. One study shows that heating by microwaves destroys up to 97 percent of the nutritional value (vitamins and other plant nutrients that prevent disease, increase immunity and improve health). " There is a lot of research on microwave ovens and the effects they can have on the human body.

The final study has not yet been published, but if anything is out of the above signs of negative impact on the food, you can only imagine what the effects of these impacts will have on the human body.

So if you can avoid the use of microwaves - bypassed.

Even if it is just will preserve the nutritional value and quality of your food.