How to make a simple drip out of the barrel?

How to make a simple drip out of the barrel?

Do not worry, buckets to draw water out of the drum and carry it to the garden does not have to.

There are smarter ways of irrigation organization.

For example, drip irrigation.

Invented this method was in ancient Egypt, where, as we know, the irrigation problem is very acute.

However, despite its venerable age, this technology has not lost relevance to the present day.

The essence of drip irrigation is that the water is supplied to the plants is not periodically and large volumes, but constantly, but a little bit.

In the literal sense of the word, drop by drop.

Make a simple device with their own hands for the organization of the irrigation are quite capable of every summer resident.

For this purpose the bottom of the drum to warm the water was adjusted to one or more taps - number depends on the area of ​​the garden, dispersion beds of section area and their arrangement relative to the installation site flanks. For cranes attached thin hoses made of plastic, which can be bought at any hardware store.

The opposite end of their reliable clog plugs to prevent water from seeping through.

Thus prepared artery aquifers stretch along the beds, trying to put as close as possible to the base of the seedling.

Then, using a large needle in a clamp hose doing a small hole - you need to be in front of the plant roots.

You can then open the taps.

If used as a primary standard metal barrel capacity of 250 liters, the volume of the liquid enough for drip irrigation 6 ar for 5 days.

All good luck and success!

Do their work in the country less costly and more efficient!