How to cook a carp on the coals

How to cook a carp on the coals

We go on nature and you want something to cook on the fire? Prepare delicious grilled carp. It is very simple and will not take much time.


Carp - 1 Each

Bulgarian pepper - 1 Each

Onions - 2 pieces

Potatoes - 2 pieces

Carrots - 1 Each

Lemon - 1 Each

Spices - to taste (salt, pepper)

Cooking method:

Wash and clean the carp, remove the viscera. Salt and pepper the fish inside and out.

Cut into slices potatoes, carrots, onions, bell pepper. Put into carp.

Cut the slices of lemon. On the back of a carp make accurate cuts and attach to each a lemon drop. Lay the carp on the grill and roast over coals for 15-20 minutes until tender.

Andrey Scherbakov