The man behind the edge. What if fell through the ice

The man behind the edge. What if fell through the ice

back only

It needs to be selected only in the direction from which you are moving. Delicate and most dangerous part of the ice break beneath you already now make your way back - to secure a thick edge. To get out, lean palms of both hands on the edge, gather forces and try to push yourself out of the water on the ice surface. You do not need a lot of strength, because in the water body becomes much easier. Remember how you jumped out of the water by the side of the pool or climb on the boat or raft - the water has buoyancy. There is another way: out of the water right arm up to the shoulder, and laying on the ice, use it as a prop. It is important that one hand is possible to place on the ice a few more than two. Now try to throw on the ice right leg. It should be done rapidly and with an effort to shift the center of gravity of the body of water on the ice surface. A similar movement makes athletes - jumpers in height, throwing his body over the crossbar. Being on the edge of a hard surface, quickly rolls in the direction of a strong edge - as far away from dangerous place!

If it turns out not, and outerwear are already wet, try to throw it away in the water. The multi-layer clothing has a large area of ​​contact with the water and getting wet, quickly grows heavy. Once folded clothes, try to get out again - perseverance and faith in a favorable outcome necessarily help you.


After leaving the water captured, in that no matter what, try to keep warm! The first thing to do - to undress and carefully squeeze clothes, despite the cold. Always good to have a spare set of underwear and a thin sweater with pants. Human skin temperature is usually 2-5 degrees different from the mean body temperature is 31-35 degrees. When in ice water, this figure reduced. In the case of lowering the skin temperature to 29 degrees tremor appears to help the body to provide the additional heat; simultaneously turning blue lips and whitens the skin. By lowering the temperature to 27 degrees for most people coma, and upon further cooling to 21 degrees - the death. According to scientists studying human behavior in extreme conditions, while human safe stay in the icy water - one hour.

No matter how terrible it may seem in the cold strip, it is a sure way not to turn into a piece of ice. However, it is necessary to strip the mind. If the cap had survived, wring it out and always wear. If the cap is not, get her any replacement - pressed a scarf or a part of their clothing. After all, through the uncovered head is lost up to 50 percent of the heat! Then remove the jacket, sweater, shirt, T-shirt. Starting with T-shirts, all wring out and put on yourself. Now remove the socks and press them. Pants and underwear remove the last, quickly press and just as quickly put.

The less water will remain in the clothing fabric, the faster it will get warm. Soon the temperature of the wet, but squeezed the things of the temperature of the wet, but depressed of things becomes equal to the temperature of the body, and clothes will be back to retain heat in your body.

Time - Life

In cold conditions, the human body greatly increases heat: reflexively narrow peripheral blood vessels, which maintains the inside of the body of warm blood, sweating stops, the message "goose bumps". But vasoconstriction over time may violate the blood supply in limbs refrigerated that causes frostbite. Standalone stay in unpopulated areas, combined with factors such as frost, strong winds, high humidity, wet clothes and physical fatigue, leading to the rapid development of cold injury. The survival time in such a situation is limited to a few hours. They should be used or for the arrangement of a camp, or to exit to the village.

look slippy

Tremors zamershego person - the first degree of subcooling and the so-called impedance step. While not equipped camp. The victim need to move rapidly. Do not spare forces - chop, saw wood, in short, be active. Squat, bending and do rotational movements with his hands and feet - all this is just good, so quickly get warm. Ingestion of alcohol would be inappropriate, since it depresses the higher parts of the central nervous system, which are responsible for thermoregulation in the body. It is necessary to put up the tent quickly, accurately it to ignite the gas burner, kerosene stove or light a candle. If the victim has satellites, they need to put it quickly into a sleeping bag and prepare a warm drink.

"Warmer" salvation

If the victim has ceased to tremble and become indifferent, sleepy, vaguely and reluctantly answers the questions, then it is in the second stage of hypothermia - the stage of weakening the body. Him as to insulate from the cold as soon as possible, but can not be forced to move in any case! How to get to the victim as soon as possible from this dangerous condition, you need to urgently and efficiently to help him stay warm. Man, frozen due to the outflow of blood from peripheral vessels alone can not keep warm! But close to the fire can not be put human. If a strong supercooling general heating of individual parts of the body is deadly! There is even a single term -. Death during the rescue "heating must be gradual and uniform, it is necessary to create the effect of a warm bath Place the victim in a warmed tent and try to warm it up containers with warm water, which should be placed on the chest, sides and between the legs at the same time you need to.. massage the feet and hands.

Another option - put the victim honey bodies of two people. Stunning effect can be achieved if the victim will warm woman. The literature describes cases of women freezing northern people rescued miners and travelers. During the Second World War, the death of polar pilots forced the German command to carry out a number of studies on resuscitation of people who pick up in the icy water. The victims confirmed that in such a situation, it is the warmth of the female body is capable of performing miracles, which often becomes the only saving factor. When the victim will be able to withdraw from a dangerous condition, give him drink hot tea or coffee, and if there is no nausea - feed. Now he needs a rest, sleep and rest at least one day.