Set survival for three days

Set survival for three days

Emergency reserve for 72 hours (3 days), which can be relatively comfortable autonomously predetermined time.

The concept of the survival kit for three days based on the fact enough that this time to:

1. wait out the danger posed by disasters, such as hurricanes, storm winds, when there is no opportunity to make up food supplies.

2. Wait for assistance in more serious disasters such as flood. When the possibility of self-rescue no longer exists.

3. Reaching the base, where the cache, or "farm house" for any distress. It is expected that the final destination point has reserves for a carefree existence for a longer time.

Approximate composition anxiety survival kit for 3 days:

1. Drinking water. Survive 3 days without food - easily. Without water there. Clean drinking water in a sealed container in a quantity of 3 liters per person (this is not enough in a normal situation, but enough for short-term survival). You can increase displacement, given that every liter we add 1 kg of weight of the backpack.

2. Communication. For example, a mobile phone, if the connection is available, of course. Necessary, if need to call for help, or let them know about yourself. Importantly, do not forget to keep an eye on the battery charge.

3. Radio on batteries. Just to be aware of the situation and monitor developments without leaving the shelter. 4. Food. Canned, sublimates, cereals. All that is prepared quickly, calorie, and has a long shelf life.

5. Money. Colored cut paper in exchange for worldly nishtyaki. The credit card is not a ride. ATMs may no longer work. The cash will help you replenish food stocks, or pass through the cordon, if necessary.

6. First aid kit. It may be needed in any emergency situation. Google recommendations on equipment, not to be mistaken with the choice of drugs. Consider chronic diseases and individual intolerance.

7. Documents that establish identity documents on arms on the vehicle, birth certificates of children, and so on. N. Keep better in an airtight container or bag.

8. Flashlight. Simple and reliable source of light in a dark room or at night. Without vyebonov and hundreds of functions. Do not forget extra batteries.

9. Clothing. Warm jacket, jacket, thermal underwear and socks. Clothing is chosen based on the time of year.

10. Whistle. Or other signaling means. One of the recommendations of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, among other things. It will reveal itself when it is needed.

The existence of such a set will allow to cope with serious problems. However, one danger is still there: sleep when you need to grab a backpack and fell off.