Cooking wild duck

Cooking wild duck

At the height of the duck hunting season. Many hunters in refrigerators are trophies. However, many do not know how tasty and properly cook a duck or other game. And try because of it distribute production familiar to not mess with the birds themselves.

We begin with the game processing. Ducks and other birds, it is desirable to nip immediately after the hunt. Then, when she zakosteneet and even more so if you freeze it, it will be harder to pluck. Quite the lazy can just remove the skin with feathers, but still better to nip it.

Then, on a fire or gas should singe the bird to remove the fine fluff. Pluck prey fully is very difficult, so just pull out the feathers and fluff Opal.

After you cut off the head. Duck wings, I recommend to cut off the first joint of the carcass. This is not a chicken, the meat in the wings is almost no and suffer with them does not make sense. You should also cut the first joint of the foot.

Further cuts the bird on the sternum and pull out the insides. At the same time we must be careful not to damage the intestines and does not stain its contents bird. You should also remove the throat and trachea. They are easily pulled out. Then, the bird should be cut into portions and wash. Then begins the most critical part - cooking. Put the pieces of the bird in the pot, cover with water and put on fire. Keep in mind - if you cook on a fire, a lot of water to evaporate, so it must be cast to the reserve. You can put the meat in boiling water - there is no difference. But then topped up instead of evaporating not recommend - the taste will be worse. Salt can be, as in the beginning of cooking, and in the end - does not matter.

Cook game should be as long as the meat is tender. I cook duck about 1, 5-2 hours. Half an hour before end of cooking should add carrots, onions and potatoes. Who likes - you can add a little pasta.

Now the most important thing. To hit the taste and smell Dichin who do not like it much, add tomatoes or peppers. But best of all it discourage olives or olives. I even pickle out of them poured into the boiler. Five minutes before the end, add black pepper and bay leaf. The finished dish can be decorated with sprigs of parsley or dill.