How to survive in a crowd

How to survive in a crowd

Imagine that you were in the crowd. By itself being in a dense cluster of people causes discomfort and is quite normal. Now imagine that suddenly a crowd of panic. This can happen instantly, literally from one sound or a minor action. It should be one to panic, and then go crazy all the others. Maybe even worse - in the crowd there provocateurs or aggressive-minded people. Impose here the most terrible of the possible circumstances - you are a strong man, but with you your wife and child. In such a situation on your timely action depends not only your health, but also the life of loved ones. You must know what to do, being in an uncontrolled or rolled into a panic or aggression crowd.

Recent developments in Kyiv, which caused a stop of the subway, entailed numerous crush at the stops - what people whatever was trying to get into transport, and we all know what happens to a group of completely innocent people in a situation where the place is obviously , not enough at all. For this reason, Ukrainian AIF produced infographics, instructions on how to behave in a crowd, and this knowledge should be in the mind of every person.

In order to better understand the essence of the Council, we have added to every rule textual explanation.

Do not lose composure, kept on his feet

This is the most difficult but also the most important to carry out an order. As long as you control yourself and your actions, you have a chance for a good outcome. That is, you can help yourself and family to get out of this hell. Panicked themselves - and all is lost. Person is extremely difficult to maintain composure in an extreme situation, which he had not previously encountered. It is unlikely that you will be able to artificially drive them yourself in the feelings and emotions that will presumably experience there in real danger, but often panic begins because of a lack of understanding of what to do at all. That is why the theoretical training is so important. Instead of panic, "what to do" in your head pops up what you have learned. About the vertical position, probably do not need to explain. Fell - lost mobility control, you trample. Some people have an instinctive "sit down and shut hands down" in case of panic and despair. The crowd do not have to do - in this position, your equilibrium is disturbed the slightest push, and you fall.

Do not go against the crowd, moving along with the mass of people is gradually being displaced diagonally to the edge of the crowd

You - one, and a lot of them. Even if you are two or three men, that you oppose the mass and inertia of the dozens of people moving in the same vector? Be you ever 100+ kg, you will tumble down and trampled. Move in a similar direction with the crowd, trying to gently move from the center to the edge of the crowd. Little by little, avoiding collisions and not blocking the path of the other running. Otherwise, if you try to quickly get out of the crowd perpendicular to its movement, you are likely to be pushed to the side and fell.

I take a deep breath, close my hands in the castle and a little to the side

This situation must be taken when you start to squeeze the people around them. The crowd put her to a standstill, or for some other reason can not move on, and yet people continue to settle back, the density of the human biomass is increasing, and there you have literally nothing to breathe. If you catch a moment "out" with someone's carcass, strongly pressed to your chest, then you will not be able to breathe normally even when a sufficient density of the crowd. Add to this the stress, heart palpitations. Air need, so your main task is to protect the chest by squeezing. Hands in the castle quite cope with this task. Interlink the fingers need to make someone else's hand is not pulled your hand away from the body. Generally, elongated in the direction of the hand in the crush can turn serious fracture or dislocation. Legs lifted up, not to rise on tiptoe to rely on full foot

Your speed of movement in the crowd may be low, but you can not stop. You will shuffle - and someone's abandoned bag or any other thing, being on your way to become the cause of your downfall. You simply stumble.

Rise on tiptoe, trying to see what was in front - bad idea. Your balance in this position a lot easier to violate. Stand firm, walk confidently, relying on the full foot.

Get rid of the scarf, bags, throw the keys out of his pocket

Lovely warm scarf, so well protected from the wind, in a stampede could become a noose. Some of the others inadvertently grabbed by the end of the scarf or scarf caught on something - and you can not stop, the crowd carries you.

The same applies to bags (hanging over the shoulder or on the shoulder), and any other things that can hamper your movements, to cling to something or be someone uhvachennymi.

Keys - a separate conversation. Some carry with them such a massive bunch of keys, including the large, almost garage "bayonets" (in other extreme situations it can help, you can not argue). Once yours truly went to the very crowded bus, in a jacket. So, one key unsuccessfully settled down in the pocket, it is very hard rested my side. Directly to the pain. This is extremely unpleasant, and at the push side can actually cause injury and injury.

The child sit on the neck, and a woman to conduct ourselves

In terms of your balance a few extra kilos in the upper part of the body will be a bad idea. But try to keep the child's hand in a crush - even worse. One moment - and now your hand and the hand of the child to disengage. The fine in such a situation may behave as you wish, and to knock down and trample it becomes a matter of one second. Many may argue that a woman should be lead by the hand behind him. Kind of like your broad shoulders and a clear benchmark for the following to help her out of the crowd unharmed. But this is not the case. Remember, you are in a crowd, and the crowd moves. In an instant, a woman can stumble - and it was immediately zamnut. And you will suffer more. By keeping a woman in front of you, you always have the opportunity to catch it, to protect it from falling on its feet. In an extreme case - to take in his arms. Besides, you can always keep it in sight.

The aggressive crowd to look below the human eye, but not to the floor

Then worked as a psychologist and our instincts. Eye contact in a stressful situation can be perceived as a threat and provoke aggression. See below the surrounding persons in such times - it is also convenient. A cursory glance and peripheral vision you will control what is happening around. This you make our life easier to detect in the hands of persons standing close by aggressive weapons and items that could be harmful.

The floor can not be viewed. A man wandering with downcast eyes, looks victim. That is the weak and defenseless, not confident and unable to fight back. Under certain circumstances, aggressors will take advantage of it.

Avoid: big people, big bags, pillars, columns, any protruding objects, narrow openings

If walking next hog inspires you some sense of security, then you are cheating yourself. He, like you, aims to save himself, and if necessary, takes advantage of the mass against anyone who hurt him, including against you if it will be taken by the hand. Big bag, as well as an urn, and any other dimensional object is transformed into the ideal tool for you to stumble on it. Adjust your route, trying to avoid collisions with objects.

Pillar, column - to mean they are round and harmless, but settle on all sides by the crowd can easily flatten you to any immovable object. One push and you enter his head into the concrete. Then no need to explain.

More dangerous are smaller, protruding objects. In this situation, each of them changes its function, turning into a ruthless and deadly lance or spear. The crowd had planted you on such a thing will not even notice.

Narrow openings - this is the neck. Bandwidth falls, but people are not able to stop. Those who are behind dent in the walls and floor of those who are not fortunate enough to be in the forefront.

In the event of a fall to curl up, put her hands back of the head. Do not rely on your hands. Try to get up, make a breakthrough body and leaning on one knee

Correct posture when the fall in the crowd will help protect some important internal organs. Cover the back of the head - then reduce the chance of getting hit, inevitably disorienting you and may possibly cause loss of consciousness. It is important to keep track of their own hands. Do not try to put a hand, you can break it. The same applies to attempts to get up, leaning on his hands. The result can be the same.

Keeping the maximum compactness and a protected position, you must use the housing wrench to try to get up on its feet. Before jerk the fulcrum of the balance will be knee and lifting the other foot and leaning on foot, you will be able to make a breakthrough with a view to his feet. In this case, make sure that the push was in the direction of movement of the crowd. It is foolish to be wasting time on trying to get to the next moment found himself again on the ground by a counter thrust. We sincerely wish that you will never need this knowledge, but if so it has turned out - act correctly. This will save your health and save lives.