Why not throw bags of silica gel?

Why not throw bags of silica gel?

When purchasing a bag, shoes, jackets and appliances may be found within them small sachets filled with granules (silica gel). Many people consider them irrelevant and ease of finding discarded. And in vain!

What are they needed for?

Silica gel - a protection of goods from getting wet. Tiny pellets of this material perfectly absorbs moisture, which in some circumstances got in the package with the thing. The house of every person should have a few bags of silica gel. For example, using this material can "revive" soaked cell phone.

To start device is switched off, it is taken from the battery and a SIM card. Mobile phone for a few hours put into a container with granules of silica gel. By the time of expiry of the unit reassembled and include.


It so happens that people in the collection of bags have to be placed in their damp after washing things. If used together with wet underwear in the bag will put a bag of silica gel, it will help prevent the emergence of musty smell. The same technique can take note of the people who visit the gym. Magic bags thrown in the bag with sportswear, neutralize the characteristic aroma of sneakers and sweaty T-shirt.


The lenses of photographic equipment with a sharp change in temperature sharply mist. Help cope with the problem of a few bags of silica gel, placed in a bag for lens.

seed Storage

Each holder suburban area faces a problem when the seed material is not completely consumed, due to which the need to store the remaining seeds in the open bag. During the winter they dampen and is not suitable for planting. But if you pour them in a sealed pot and put a number of silica gel, the seeds do not lose their fitness.

With the help of magical bags that many are simply discarded in the trash, you can quickly dry the flowers. For this purpose each flower wrap paper and put in the package obtained packed silica gel.