What to take a hike?

What to take a hike?

travel backpack

There are many opinions about the volume of a backpack. Someone who likes to hang things from the outside, like a Christmas tree, someone has everything inside 120 liter Baule. I adhere to the following principle: 6-8 day trek volume backpack should be 60-80 liters.

Such volume allows you to fit all the stuff inside, so, the backpack center of gravity is as close to the back. This greatly facilitates the movement. It is also excluded the possibility of the loss of "Christmas decorations" or clinging to all sorts of bushes.


Tent. There are many different versions of tents with different assignments, so consider everything here - is unrealistic.

I will write only that one of the key parameters of the tent

It is the weight. The lighter the tent - the better! Traditionally, weight calculation is as follows: 1-1, 2 kg - per person, it is optimal. E. 3-person tent should weigh approximately 3-3, 7 kg. The average tent capacity 2+ weighs an average of 3, 5 kg. Therefore, camping tent, weighing 7-14 kg, for a journey on foot is not appropriate :).

Sleeping bag

Sleeping bag. I must say - here a little better to be safe. All sleeping bags have the so-called comfort temperature. She has always indicated on the sleeping bag, and means that at a given temperature "overboard", the average person will sleep comfortably. However, people are different and have different transfer temperature. Therefore, a sleeping bag should be warm enough for spring and autumn trips - T comfort is to be in the "minus" 2 - "minus" 6, because as you know, "pairs of bones do not ache." But this does not mean that in the summer with a sleeping bag should be taken to -15Co. Here, too, the weight plays an important role - a summer sleeping bag weighs less than a kilogram of winter.

Karemat (camping mat) The easiest option - it Izhevsk karemat. Cheap and cheerful. There are self-inflating, superlight, with the effect of a thermos ... If you like hiking, you figure it out and will choose a desired thickness / width / length.

Trekking poles

Trekking poles, significantly relieve the load off his feet, especially on the descent. Knees You say "thank you." The presence is very desirable, but not necessary.

Poncho or cape from the rain. Cape on a backpack or raincoat poncho.

It is very desirable to have a cover for the backpack, backpacks because all the rain sooner or later get wet. Alternatively, you can cloak poncho that covers a person with a backpack. Actually, things should be in plastic bags (for this garbage bags are perfect).

KLMN (Mug + Spoon + Bowl + Knife)

Mug + Bowl + Spoon + nozhV any hike you need to eat. Almost the entire population of India eat with his hands. Not because they cultureless just so used. This allows the Indians great savings in the weight of a backpack, leaving the spoon :)) home. But if you are not a Hindu, this wonderful quartet of great facilitates ingestion. In fact, you can save on a bowl, taking with him a large mug. Only this economy is not for the lazy, because the cup will have to wash after porridge before tea. As the functionality, of the four knocked the knife. But I think you do not need to describe why it is necessary to take a hike.

Head Torch

Head fonarNeobhodimeyshaya thing. Scope - wherever light is needed: from cooking in the dark prior to the filing of warning signals. Modern diode lights are very different from their "grandmothers" and "grandfathers". Equipped with super-power diodes combined with focusing optical amplifiers provide a strong light, and thanks to its cost-effectiveness make it possible to use off-line for a very long time - 120-200 hours of continuous glow. In the campaign, the daily need for a flashlight 1, 5-3 hours, respectively, one charge will last for 40-80 days !!! Impressive, right? Matches (Flint)

Flint. Matches - this is a strategic thing in the campaign. Must be each participant in a sealed package. Because without a fire becomes very sad, both in the literal and figurative sense of the word. On the loaves and canned not last long.

More extravagant alternative matches is a tinderbox. A fire they are not as convenient as the matches, but - this is a failsafe method. Flint is not afraid of water, it does not dampen, does not break and almost ends. Well, it's a fascinating way to a fire.


Hiking shoes. This point I would put first. Because it is possible to travel with a backpack bad, leaking tent, wearing on all night in the cold sleeping bag, but if you have uncomfortable shoes, the way to Calvary you provided (dropsy or bloody blisters will be your companions). Shoes should keep the ankle, have a sole with good grip and be comfortable. leather shoes trekking (except maybe the summer Crimea) are excellent for this purpose. The suit trekking sandals, or a simple one-piece rubber slippers as additional footwear. After a day's very nice to change the shoes in the parking lot all night your legs a rest.

More information about walking shoes.

Trekinogvye socks.

It is as important as shoes. Trekking socks usually do not have anything in common, except for the form. The composition of such socks includes special material - CoolMax, wicking moisture away from the foot, whereby the feet remain dry and do not rub. Just as they have in the so-called "extended loop", which softens the interaction between the shoe and foot. Socks made of cotton can be worn only in extreme cases.

Trekking pants.

Running pants should be light, durable, does not hamper the movements and, if possible, not be blown by the wind (for spring and autumn campaigns), and thus it is good to "breathe". I must say that this is not the space to develop, and quite affordable clothes. Thermal underwear. T (underwear).

Like socks, underwear (termofutbolka) allows you to feel much more comfortable during the day. Due to the composition of CoolMax fabrics such clothing removes sweat from the body and dries quickly, within a halt. While x / b shnaya-shirt will be unpleasant to stick to the body.

Fleece (warm jacket).

Mountains, even like in the Crimea, are unpredictable. At any time, the temperature can drop considerably. In that case, with a need to have warm clothes. With this excellent job fleece jacket. Fleece - very light, synthetic fabric, consisting of hollow fibers. Thanks to this feature fleece jacket warm even when wet. One sweatshirt you enough. An alternative may be lightly Fliess puff or vest.

Jacket (jacket).

Membrane jacket. A very necessary thing. It protects against both wind and rain. Moreover, it is desirable that a heater was not in it. In general, I recommend dressing in layers, like cabbage. What for? Simply show the example. You go in the campaign, in fact, has just climbed the mountain. Behind the back of a brand new, fresh packaged backpack, 15-25 kg of commercials ... you are wearing thermal underwear, is not very thick fleece jacket with insulation. Thermal underwear actively puffing, removing moisture, but the moisture is released so that the underwear with mikronasosikami not yet invented. And here comes a brilliant idea: "And do not remove the jacket there ?!" Yes, remove the jacket, but that breeze their way through flisik and underwear. Then take off the fleece. But jacket with insulation still promotes the active release of moisture and removing fleece picture hardly changed from the original ... And then leader announces a halt. Hurrah! We stopped. The breeze blowing something, do not take off your jacket and want to dry :) Somewhere about how it looks. But if the clothes picked up in this order: thermal underwear, fleece, if necessary, another fleece, windbreaker, then everything will look much more comfortable. It can be worn in different combinations: thermal underwear + jacket, thermal underwear + fleece, thermal fleece + + jacket, fleece underwear + + + fleece jacket or fleece jacket + too cool. ambulance box

The basic kit is the conductor. It is necessary to have bandages, peroxide, Zelenka, baby cream (very often rubbed sore spot in the crotch) and if you need personal medications (as reported by the instructor in advance).

personal hygiene


Paste (one tube is enough for everyone, so if you do not take, nothing terrible will happen, but carry less);

Toilet paper - versatile invention of mankind! A very useful thing (better to take a roll);

Cosmetics - a girl, there are on the march prefer a lighter pack than the arsenal of jars and tubes. According to the experience of observations will tell, usually a cream enough;

Shampoo once, if the campaign more than 4 days.


Pozabottes of spare batteries. Tripod - is unjustified luxury. To use it you will not, and will have to bear.