Survival during the first minutes or hours after the hour "X" in a city

Survival during the first minutes or hours after the hour

Rule 1. The first and most important thing - your eyes is your all.

A blind man in a ruined world will not survive.

Seeing nothing, you can not move, and save you a lovely life. So, first of all you need to take care of the eyes. Offhand question is simple, but when you consider that the closest Ophthalmological study will work in a few years, it becomes paramount.

Eyes clogged with dust or something else - a trouble. Fortunately, in a certain situation reparable trouble. Eyes, or whatever of them you have, you need to rinse. After this phrase I foresee a roar of indignation. As a person with powdered eyes, without water, without any help, in the ruined city will wash out his eyes. Yes, even in a matter of minutes to find the opportunity to realistically assess the situation and continue their salvation ??? And I say - you can!

Man is by nature a vessel with liquid. And in an emergency situation is in our favor. Urine - Handy here is the medicine that will save your eyesight. Say at once: shame not to smoke, the eyes do not vyest. Urinate his handful and wash eyes.

Disgusting? And who said it would be a joyful and ceremonial survival? Believe the word, once again you begin to see clearly, and see what's around you surviving only smoldering sneakers interlocutor with whom You are so cute a couple of hours talking, but because of the cuts, injuries and bleeding, life, for which you have to fight It leaves your sinful body, you, dear survivalist, is purely purple on ethical standards ..

2. So we gradually got to the second rule, which states: The body is the natural instrument, the only one that will not leave you and allow your mind to realize any of your ideas. And simply put, if you do not take care of yourself, then no one will not.

First of all check the possible external damage. If it is an open bleeding obvious thing to stop. And this is to you to help your underwear .. shirt or pants, for example .. (The roar of indignation and laughs)

And so no less, in vain hope that the man escaped in one underwear being in the whirling debris and flaming cars, the bleeding suddenly finds cooked "Providence" sterile, individual package, the suture and a mountain of antibiotics. If suddenly you have found it, you - lucky SON OF A BITCH. If not, go back to the "underwear" ..

I think that you were in school first aid course. Now is the time to remember it. Briefs only piece of clothing that is perfect for blending Waist harness on any limb. Whether it's an arm or leg.

Having passed a limb in natural orifices of the intimate parts of the wardrobe, and pulling it above the bleeding wound, the case will stand up for small. You need a subject that can be used as a lever to tighten a makeshift tourniquet.

Offered as a subsidiary means of a pencil or pen, probably correctly, but it works only in everyday civilian life. But the half-naked wounded man crawled out of the wreckage, recommend to look for a pencil))

Therefore, any small oblong chip brick or concrete is fine. Benefit in the ruins of this stuff will be more than enough. 3. The third rule is also very important. Movement - life.

With simple knowledge set forth above, you pretty quickly introduce yourself to a state that will allow you to move. And the faster you will go through all the previous steps, the faster exit from shock resulting from fear, contusions, wounds.

Passes shock - regains consciousness. And here you are tortured, naked but alive after self-care. Raises a fair question - What next? Then, you either way, you need to solve the problem with the shoes. For the legs may be the only vehicles on which you will be able to move through the mountains of broken glass and sharp fragments of concrete.

Well, if next to you really will be smoking slippers neighbor described above.

If not, there will have to give up even one of human rights. And take advantage of the rules of war.

Marauding. Sin. But he was soon let go. Man in general tend to forget our sins. Or do you, my dear survivalist, naively believe that in the event of a global catastrophe humanity will often pull back to the Stone Age? No. Everything happens at once. However, let us leave this discussion theorists, and we will return to practice.

Pochivshie tribesmen become easy prey Marauder "as needed."

Of course, as an alternative can be offered immediately turn into a shovel, clean up the rubble of collapsed buildings. Dig out a pair of sneakers "adidas" firm in the local store. Leave a receipt with a promise to pay later. But plagued me vague doubts that at least someone to do so. What words? More things: I saw the shoes - take it! It is not necessary to worry about the size and style. Now the most important thing is to gain mobility.

4. Rule Four, the most simple. Guns do not hurt, and even more so. Recently, in a deep Ineta assumed that any of the cataclysm will not only looters "as necessary", but also looters "at will".

And it is from these terrible and hungry hordes, and, to be honest defend survivalist. Possibly it is .. But we consider the first minutes and hours after the accident. Suffice it to recall the earthquake in Spitak (Armenia. 1986). One can say that looting will start after a couple of days ..

First, people are busy with each other, saving themselves and "licking" wounds.

Then - the search and rescue relatives and his property ..

And only then, when hope is lost, and the aid will not come - come the dawn of looting.

So, we digress. Let's return to arms ..

Question: "Why did the wounded, naked, looting survivalist weapons?"

Answer many could plunge into shock. This is exactly what you do not think and do not guess. It - DOGS. (Shepherds, Rottweilers, stuff. Terriers, Moscow sentry, the list will continue to do). Man's best friend. Shaggy defenders podranennye and frightened. In the first hours of disaster it is the former four-legged friends can pose the greatest danger to humans.

Therefore, a decent piece of rebar, strong stick will become a reliable companion for an unarmed, wounded man. In addition, it is a useful tool. At one time, according to Darwin, which turned a monkey into a human. ______________________________

And now summarize.

All what you have to do first and do it quickly, it's:

Maximum ensure the preservation of view, as a source of environmental information.

-Okazat if necessary first aid yourself. Using all possible means and methods, ignoring the norms of morality and attitude to a previous life.

-Provide yourself primitive transport (shoes). On tortured, stabbed legs you are useless in all respects.

Primordial primitive weapons (clubs, fittings). What can you secure your primary existence.

Performing the first four rules, you will regain itself as a mobile unit capable of further survival .. To search for primary clothing, food, medicines.

*** The only thing I want to warn once again that any disaster scenario is always the - blood, fear, death and bloody cloud of shit that crawls out of the dark side of human nature. Here in this we must be prepared to a greater extent than getting fire from improvised medication or drinking water from the environment with the help of polyethylene film ...

P.S. I hope these tips, we never need .. (in a good way)