Twenty useful skills that everyone should know

Twenty useful skills that everyone should know

We live in a wonderfully comfortable and well-fed while. It flows from the tap cold and hot water, in a nearby store shelves are full of food, and each computer provides an immediate and comprehensive answer to any question. We can not say that it is bad, far from it. But if we can live without these blessings of civilization? What do we do in that case, if our personal destiny (or the fate of all mankind, why not?) Suddenly changes and we will have to provide for themselves all necessary?

In recent years, a very popular genre of "survival horror" - survival after the general apocalypse. However, computer entertainment do not contribute to real skills. To check your readiness for any life circumstances, we provide a list of the 20 most essential skills that everyone should know. I wonder how many points you can note from this list?

1. Kindle Fire. Too many of us will not be able to light a fire even in the presence of dry firewood and matches. What here to speak about the more difficult conditions.

2. Have a basic survival skills. Knowledge of places where you can find water, what you can and can not eat in the wild, how to build a shelter, how to catch fish, how to cross the river, how to maintain the body temperature.

3. How to grow vegetables. If all the shops will disappear, only the garden will help you survive. Unless, of course, you will be able to grow anything.

4. To be able to swim. There are a number of emergency situations, when you may need to know how to swim in order to survive or to help another person. 5. How to change a tire. It applies both to the car and to the bike.

6. How to give first aid. We constantly see on the screens of dozens of deadly plots, but should be in a dangerous situation where our help depends on human life and health, both fall into a stupor.

7. How to dress properly. There are many fashion magazines, telling about neckties color, but you may need a completely different information. Learn how to protect themselves from the cold and heat, which protect against insect bites and save yourself from injury.

8. How to interact with people. In tough times you need and mutual help people. It is time to restore those lost in the era of social networking skills.

9. How to lift its own weight. If you can hardly move from the refrigerator to the PC and vice versa, it is unlikely to be able to help yourself and your family in difficult situations. Soon there will be an extra burden.

10. To be able to bargain. In times of crisis the cost of things will change dramatically and money may lose their usual status. Your well-being will depend heavily on your ability to bargain and negotiate.

11. How to protect themselves from one or more attackers. self-defense skills are not acquired through hours of destruction of monsters on the screen. In the event of a crisis, probably this is the first skill that you might find useful. Have a few weapons, learn to use it. Know the types and performance characteristics of military equipment. 12. Learn how to tell stories. In the absence of electricity and the Internet is nothing that will brighten your long evenings as a fascinating life story.

13. How to fix everything. You will have to learn the profession of carpenter, carpenter, mechanic and plumber. And it's not to save money. Just cause will be nobody.

14. Get to navigate without using GPS. The ability to navigate by compass and the map is nowadays almost forgotten.

15. Learn to sew. If you are confused devochkovoe seat with a needle, the Master the dressing and sewing animal skins bone needle.

16. Know how to drive a car. Now perhaps you go by public transport or you carries chauffeur. But in times of crisis, neither one nor the other option does not work.

17. Know how to store foods. Jerk meat, canning, pickling and making jams will now have to and not have to choose on the supermarket shelf.

18. Learn to cook. Sooner or later you have to do it. Unless, of course, do not want to die of eternal bacon and eggs and sandwiches.

19. How to live without Google. Perhaps you feel a little orphan. Be brave.

20. Learn to run. If some of the skills you have learned above proposed is bad, then the ability to run may be your last hope.