Ammonia - seven troubles one answer!

Ammonia - seven troubles one answer!

Did you know that ammonia copes with insect pests and helps houseplants? He can return heels baby softness, as well as excellent wash your windows and whiten your underwear?

Ammonia: use against insects.

Sometimes you just do not have the strength to fight with the ants, which are endless cheredkami appear in the kitchen nowhere. Here, too, will help ammonia!

It should be added to 1 liter of water and 100 ml of ammonia wash this solution all kitchen furniture. Should not be afraid of a specific "flavor" - he disappears in a few minutes. For us. A "tenants" will feel it for a long time and forget to track your home.

Another ammonia help from the hordes of mosquitoes and black flies during a picnic in the countryside. It is enough to sprinkle a place of rest and peace this means you will be provided. Again, the fragrance for men will be imperceptible in a few minutes.

Ammonia: application cottage

Lovers to grow flowers, tomatoes and other flower and vegetable crops should also seek the assistance of alcohol. Very much like lilies, clematis, geranium, cucumber dressing with this tool. Suffice it to 4 liters of water with 50 ml ammonia and your plants will thank you for its healthy view.

By the way, you can combine business with pleasure: to water houseplants with such a solution. No smell, no-see-ums mosquitoes, and at the same time - fertilized flowers :)

Itching mosquito bites can be removed, rubbed bite ammonia (mixture of equal amounts of ammonia and water) or a solution of baking soda (1/2 h. Spoon 1 cup of water). window washing

To keep longer window glass clean and easier to wash them and then from dirt, wipe clean glass has a mixture of water (30 parts), glycerin (70 parts) and several drops of ammonia. Glass, wiped with the mixture, less contaminated, winter frost is not formed on them. When washing the glass with glycerin film is easily washed off the dirt settled on it.

Dry ultramarine blue gives the glass a bluish tint.

Warm salt solution helps to quickly clear the ice from the window. Glass then wipe dry.

Your heels will be like a baby ...

This is a very good recipe to help those who have rough hands, cracked heels, calluses, toenails "sloppy" and "terrible". In general, there are two prescription with glycerol, but they are both "work". Take glycerin, I buy just 5 bubbles. In the first case it is possible with the vinegar, the second with ammonia. Pharmacy bottle filled with glycerol do not end up here and add the vinegar into it, shake. If with ammonia, then mixed in a 1: 1 ratio (glycerin and alcohol). Rub this mixture can be both morning and evening, at night the heels, soles, fingers, and a few days to see amazing results. Your heels porozoveyut, nails will become a beautiful and brilliant color. You can grease the hands of the elbows. A mixture of this is cheap, available, loyal.

How to whiten your underwear?

Ammonia - an excellent whitener. When washing linen or cotton items, while soaking, pour into a soapy water table 5-6. spoons of liquid ammonia. Ammonia water softens and reduces the effect of magnesium salts, actually because of which white things become yellowish. To enhance the effect of ammonia, you can add a couple tablespoons of turpentine. After washing, the laundry soaking leave on 10 hours a solution of water and turpentine in a ratio of 5: 5. For bleaching wool and silk items, prepare a solution:

- 12 l. water

- Article 8. spoons of salt

- 50 oz. powder

- 3 tbsp. l. hydrogen peroxide

- 30 ml. ammonia

Presoaked for 4 hours at 40 ° C temperature.

Healthy bulbs without chemicals

Damage skrytnohobotnikom seen each: pen lights up, it appears strip. If you break a pen along, you can see inside the small larvae of the pest.

Assists in the first half of summer watering plantings ammonia (1 tbsp. Spoon a bucket of water) once a week. This fertilizing nitrogen, and repellent smell means.

To the smell of ammonia survived longer after some time after watering the flower bed should be podryhlit.