The device nights around the campfire without risk to health

The device nights around the campfire without risk to health

It is known that for the night by the fire except the fire necessary bedding, good insulation from the ground, awning / screen to protect against wind and rain and wear, is not afraid of sparks and embers. If there is at least one of the above, fully relax by the fire will not work, this is the best.

At worst, especially in winter, the night could be the last.

And the only one badly organized overnight can cause the common cold, pneumonia, arthritis, cystitis, pilionefrita, prostatitis, frostbite, burns, tainted clothing and equipment (list probably goes on).

And while panic afraid to spend the night in the forest, including winter, IMHO, it is not worth it.

You just need to know how to equip the bed and be able to do it, that is. Ie. Need experience.

A gain experience only from time to time sleeping by the fire, including in winter, incidentally experiencing in and improving equipment. Over the years, often had to drag the night around the campfire, sometimes necessary, sometimes just to not break the habit. Initially used polyethylene, then a soldier's cape, then there were other options.

Gradually evolved system, changed the approach to the device overnight.

When he mastered nodyu. and the option device sharpened overnight under it.

Although I want to start with the version that the photographs.

Compared with the classical scheme, when the canopy is attached to the poles parallel to the fire, my looks a little unusual, but IMHO so much easier.

In my scheme ceiling pole passes over the fire, and serves as the roof ridge.

Since the roof is a separate element, it depends on the weather, you can leave at home or take with you, but do not get out of a backpack.

Fully stretched roof closes from rain fire and all the space between the fire and a bed, but you can always fold if interferes. The photograph shows everything.