Standards of conduct hunter

Standards of conduct hunter

1. The wild beast with a bird nobody breeds and feeds, but only in the old saying, that they are fed a lot of people, and therefore hit them with the expectation, but not greed.

2. Sberegi and uterus (female) spring, not shoot - it fall to a clutch with a lead.

3. Give vernal beasts and birds of peace - in the autumn they repay you with interest, remember that behind them - will not be gone.

4. "I did not - because the other" and "at our age is enough" - so to speak can only national property fighter, Kojima and are hunting animals and birds; do not be stupid, do not rob yourself and do not let the other, take care of game.

5. Care to halt - zaley fire, put out the fire: on burning for a long time will not be any animals or birds.

6. Do not ever think that the gun is not loaded: so can only think scatterbrain who eventually maim people. Never shoot at random or noise - you can kill a man; do not shoot well on target, flying in the bushes or reeds at the height of human growth. Never point the muzzle of the person. Do not put a gun to a tree or wall, and preferably a good hang down the barrel so check so as not to fall. Do not pull out his gun by the barrel itself. 7. When shooting take the beast below, and bird - entry of forward and higher. More faithful shots do not hit - can not take, but to maim; Remember that it is not the last time you see the game.

8. In the raid a place not go down to the end, do not hit a neighbor and strictly listen manager team. The dog was not hot, do not run to the bar, to the dead bird is not throwing.

9. A good hunter rather wife or borrow a gun than a dog.

10. Clean the stems often and less often locks. Better safe gun for a whole century will suffice.

11. When the hunt group shoots first one whose dog running in the field. You can never shoot ton beast from under someone else's dog, and if there is, it is necessary to find the owner and give him his prey. During the hunt, and at the meeting must all be mutually polite, considerate and kind.

12. Dobral wounded animal give to those who wounded him, (he must in return give you a cartridge).