Types of fires for different needs

Types of fires for different needs

An experienced hikers can be seen on breeding them fire. Inexperienced hiker usually dump everything in a pile, he lays out the same fire for drying clothes, cooking food and heating. Of course, to dissolve a huge fire - fun, but extremely inefficient. This is a waste of wood and heat, and it is not very suitable for cooking.

But we need to be able to lay out the different fires, based on their needs. Proper fire, diluted in the right place, will be the most efficient, comfortable and enjoyable.

In this article, you are presented for the most common types of fires.

1. Rubbing fires:

Shalash. It gives high flame. It is suitable for the rapid heating of the people drying clothes, but quickly burns.

Hearth hunter. Divorces between two dry logs, which are stacked in such a way that they can be fitted boiler pan or kettle.

2. Campfires for cooking:

"Kitchen" fire. Start with a "tent", but make it a little more. When fire breaks out well, put freshly two logs at a distance of about 20 cm from each other at one end and at the other 10 cm. Here you place the pots and pans. Where between the logs already, you can place a smaller bowl, for example, coffee, and where the larger - the larger pots. This allows you to cook several dishes at the same time. If stir coals or rake them together, you can create sections with varying combustion temperatures. Trench. Used for cooking in windy conditions outdoors. To equip a fire, you have to dig in the ground groove required length and width, allowing to set over her hiking boilers. Dug a groove must be placed in the wind and have a wide cone bevel on the windward side.

Fire "trench" is convenient because it does not require large amounts of firewood. In cold weather, being in the woods without a sleeping bag, it can be equipped with a place to rest. For keeping warm after burning firewood close pit wooden block of wood, a thin layer of earth and grass. On top of it will be easy to make a comfortable, warm bed.

Pit. To equip the fire of this type, it is necessary to dig a pit in the ground. To keep warm the bottom of the hole it is advisable to lay the stones. On such a fire can boil water, cook meals, bake in hot ashes.

3. The fires for heating and drying:

Nodya. For equipment of this type of fire you need to drive into the ground four pegs between which lay the wood in the form of a fence. A fire ignited from below. It can burn for a long time, while stressing a lot of heat when put alternately dry and damp wood. Such a fire is very suitable for drying clothes.

Reflector. This fire is a mixed version fires "Nodya" and "Hunter hearth". This gives a lot of heat fire, next to him is good to bask in the winter cold. Lattice. At the base of the fire of this type are placed two thick dry timber, to which several rows of stacked wood dense lattice smaller and smaller diameters. This fire is best suited for joint activities involving the whole squad navigators.

Several modified variant "lattices" may be used for cooking, heating people drying clothes, shoes and so on. N. Such a fire may be diluted in the presence of dry and wet wood. Burned, dry wood is dried raw, so the fire can burn for a long time.

three timber equipped with a fire so that the fire "Pyramid" is as if his fillings. Note that the lower two beams to form blowing stacked on logs. At the same be lazy laid on top and the third timber. The advantage of this type of fire is that it can burn two hours or more without any additional wood.

Good to know:

1) The simplest device for installation over the fire of the dish with a flat bottom is tripodal support. It can be done by putting around the fire three almost identical stones or sticking straight into the hot coals three metal peg from a kit to install tents. And stone, and metal pegs at the same time should be placed, as it were on the tops of an imaginary equilateral triangle. 2) Depending on the conditions in the practice of the campaign can be used and other types of fires. For example, in the construction of a fire in the swamp, you must first make a "foundation." To do this, put some logs in a row and they make a fire of any type.

3) For a longer retain heat after the burning coals of the fire should be sprinkled with ashes and a little earth. The heat in this case can be maintained up to 10 hours.

No matter what kind of fire you decide to use, always observe the following rules:

1. The fire must be protected from large wind;

2. The fire should be provided with access of air, otherwise it will be bad burn and smoke;

3. The heating is better to plant a fire and cooking - a small cone-shaped;

4. The heat from the fire comes up: why bed by the fire need to hold above its flame.