How to use sleep for recovery

How to use sleep for recovery

If you want to achieve good results in something else in life, career, work, training - it is necessary to work on yourself, your habits, your resources.

The dream - one of the main components of this work on yourself.

Do you want to be successful - you need to do at least - a fresh head. Fresh mind gives you a proper sleep.

If someone to take an example, you have to choose professionals to focus on people who have success - the basis of their activities. Scout can not be long bad intelligence, or it fails, or becomes a good scout.

It turns out that intelligence schools students are taught to sleep properly, giving it great importance, bearing in mind the success of their day intellectual and physical activities.

So, sleep should be at least 6 and a half hours. It's minimum. Better sleep for 7-8 hours.

Should not be bedtime excite the nervous system: to look too scary or too funny movie, not exercise before bedtime, do not swear, and do not argue.

In the evening, better slow down, decelerate. Slower move, talk slower.

Think about something pleasant, quiet, not about women, and about the places where you want to get rest, represent familiar and unheard before you landscape, river, mountains, meadows, grasslands, sea.

Fall asleep and sleep is recommended on the stomach or side. On the back - too much load on the heart, and as a consequence, less deep sleep. Perfect sleep - 7-8 hours for women - 1 hour.

It is believed that the best sleep - from 22 hours until midnight !!! During these hours the body is resting and recovering the best.

Very strict requirements - up no later than 6-00. It follows that it is necessary to go to bed no later 23 hours.

Any recommendations should only be considered as means schemes that work well with most people. You need to listen to their feelings, their condition, choose your dream scheme, their sleep duration.

Do not let yourself be manipulated circumstances. If you have a traditional evening parties, discos, clubs and casinos, it is unlikely you will be able to break them of their sweet captivity. In this case, just wondering how your health will be enough. If you really want to build their own destiny with their own hands, ensure first of all the conditions for recreation, for normal sleep.

How do you know how many hours you need to sleep?

The following criteria:

1. In the morning, you should have the feeling that you get enough sleep.

2. All day you have a good mood, vigor. No yawning and drowsiness.

If you are cheerful as a cucumber (by the way, why cucumber? Cucumber crunches, crunches only fresh. Fresh-vigorous), then you have found your sleep time. Remember and stick to that time and beyond.

But all this you probably knew before. And now the secret of Igor Serov.

It turns out that if you want to rest, recover during sleep, the bed should be an odd number of hours. This is taught in intelligence. Better sleep 7 or 9:00 than 8:00. Better sleep 5 or 7:00 than 6:00. Sometimes, if you're pressed for time, you can sleep 5:00, 3:00, at least 1:00!

Much sleep as harmful as enough sleep. From excessive sleep inevitably there is a feeling of laziness, apathy, there is pessimism and sometimes develop depression. Most men are not recommended to sleep more than 8 hours, and women - more than 9 hours.

If you recall the division of people into "larks" and "owls", it should be said - no people "owls". We are all by nature - "larks".

But some do, or at the behest of the circumstances preferred to evening and night vigils and made themselves "owls" in spite of his own nature.

Look at the long-livers - they all go to bed early and get up early. Remember - the best sleep - early - from 22 to midnight.

Another rule of Igor Serov:

"Go to bed when tired - get up strictly on an alarm clock"

Stay up strictly by the hour - not right, listen to your body, you do not want to sleep, do not lie down, tired, go early, do not hatch until midnight. Go to sleep, when you want - but wake up at the same time.

If you like to sleep - do not blame yourself, it is a feature of your body.

If you have a bad mood, feelings of depression, take a soft toy, hug her and sweet to fall asleep. That's right, and with a favorite soft toy, treated depression! Go to bed at different times can be (as tired). But accustom themselves up strictly at the same time. If it is difficult to accustom themselves to it, try the system of penalties, every time you wake up, put it in an envelope a little money 10-50 rubles a month all free money, take and give to someone. You can check the method works flawlessly, soon you will wake up before the alarm clock.

If you get up at 6 o'clock in the morning, and during the day you want to sleep - it happens, until you have found your dream scheme - you can sleep during the day. But pay attention, sleep during the day not more than 30 minutes, be sure to set the alarm. Better sleep only 20 minutes. Service will not let you go into a phase of deep sleep, which will give you a headache and broken state. After 20 minutes of sleep - got up, washed, we took a shower and went to work vigorously. Kennedy, who, because of circumstances, slept little at night, arranged such 20-minutes several times a day. Rely on is not worth it, but in extreme cases - keep in mind. Another final note - naps - this daytime sleep, it can only afford up to 18 hours.