Willpower. How to develop it and train?

Willpower. How to develop it and train?

10 effective exercises that can make your life 10 good habits.

The ability to manage other people closely associated with personal qualities. One of them is a strong will. The man "cloth" are unlikely followers, they have few friends, and they do not enjoy success with women.

Even if all the above is not about you (as if about you, much more), the following exercises will help you develop a strong will.

▪Uprazhnenie 1.

Search hidden forces This initial exercise. Its purpose - to identify and feel what "muscle will." You need to understand - what it is volitional voltage and as desired to show effort.

We develop for themselves an easy task. Any but the best useful. For example, in the morning, when washed, put the towel, and put it in a certain place. In the evening, at the same exact time you shift the subject back.

Perform this exercise month. Even if this action becomes a habit, it is a good habit.

▪Uprazhnenie 2.

Understanding the power Choose for yourself interesting activities, sports game. For example, to mint ball. It is fashionable now and do not require much space. You can replace the ball rackets and balls for ping-pong. Coined twice a day for 30 strokes. The basic rule, if it is determined to make a certain number of strokes, they should be just enough and not one more or less. Meaning - to be able to restrain himself. Perform 30 days. ▪Uprazhnenie 3.

Normalization The point of this exercise - to make a controlled sleep. Teach yourself to go to bed at the same time, fall asleep quickly, sleep at least 8 hours and not more than 10.

▪Uprazhnenie 4.

Work and Play The goal - to make a controlled regime of rest and activity. Break up any activity at regular intervals, as in the school, about 45 minutes. Take regular breaks to rest 10 minutes to change the type of activity. It is desirable that this exercise there are not only training, but also in the habit.

▪Uprazhnenie 5.

Volitional communication in speaking and conversation control your words and emotions. Imagine how looks the part, control their gestures and facial expressions. Remember good rule of thumb: the thought - action. Every action and word should be subject to reason.

▪Uprazhnenie 6.

Willed to perform a simple meal: full control of the process of absorption of food. Quietly, slowly, sensibly. We feel the taste and aroma, present and customizable as energizing and getting stronger. Not stuffing the belly to satiety, eating only when hungry.

▪Uprazhnenie 7.

Control of living space This exercise should become a habit. Keep your working and living space in order always. Know what and where is. A good rule: remove everything that hurts the eyes. Then gradually everything will be in such form, as you imagine. ▪Uprazhnenie 8.

Volitional planning to be currently plan for the day, month and year. The more accurate it will be - the better. Follow your schedule.

▪Uprazhnenie 9.

We are looking for lazy idea is that if you show things that you do not want at all, it is necessary, on the contrary, to make them immediately. Do not want to get up early - jump out of bed, do not want to clean the room - grabbed a bucket, a broom and made, and so on.

▪Uprazhnenie 10.

Volitional strengthening the idea is that you need each day to exercise. This can be a normal run, and home fitness and steep section. The main thing that it came into your life and change you.

Remember another good rule: first you strengthen your will, then it will work for you.