How to keep warm in the tent. fifteen tips

How to keep warm in the tent. fifteen tips

In fact, winter tent is not very relevant. much better to build and use an open shelter, where possible campfire ...

Nevertheless, there are cases of using tents in the cold season, for example, in mountain routes.

Also, these tips will be useful at other times of the year, in the usual march to the tent, t. To. Nature is unpredictable and, sometimes, sharp cold snap. Then you can not go to sleep or wake up on a cold night, shivering in his sleeping bag.

What can be advised to make their stay more comfortable in the tent?

1. Warming moss and spruce branches

If there are concerns that the upcoming night will be especially cold, then it makes sense to insulate the bottom of the tent. Before installing tents spread out on a prepared site, dry moss or spruce branches. Mostly Insulate the place where will be located the body.

2. Insulation

It is important to isolate themselves from the cold and moisture coming from the ground. In cold weather, use karemat thicker or inflatable mat. You can additionally spread out on the rug extra clothing to better insulate the floor.

3. A warm sleeping bag

In order not to freeze in the campaign, you should have a warm sleeping bag. There are sleeping bags with different temperature regimes. However, you should bear in mind that the figures specified by the manufacturer, are typically measured for the average man in the underwear and, moreover, do not always correspond to reality. When choosing a look for the comfort temperature, and the temperature is not extreme. If it is written that the extreme -20, it means that at -20 you have the chance to spend the night in a sleeping bag without sleep and not die from hypothermia. 4. Shake your sleeping bag

Regardless of the type of filler of your sleeping bag, after unpacking it will be in a compressed state. Shake it, jerky movements whipping as a pillow. This will allow to spread and distribute the filler inside the sleeping bag.

5. Fleece Liner

For emergencies, you can purchase for your fleece sleeping bag liner. This bag of fleece, which is inserted into a sleeping bag for additional insulation.

6. Warm-up before going to bed

Warm up your body before going to bed. Simple exercises can help you to disperse the blood and warm the body. Do a few push-ups and jumping near the tent, just be careful not to start sweating, otherwise you exactly freeze at night. If you take a sleeping bag when you are cold, it is likely that you will never be able to keep warm.

7. refill body

If the planned cold night, do not forget to have a snack before going to bed. Stomach during operation generates heat. It is advisable to eat something hot. Prefer fatty food, such food longer to digest. From sweet and caffeine on the contrary should be abandoned, they stimulate the constriction of blood vessels. Going to bed hungry, the risk of freezing increases.

8. Water balance

In the body of water should be enough to keep warm. Drink water for an hour or two before bedtime. But do not overdo it, and the night will often run to the toilet. If nature calls in the middle of the night to get up and go. Resisting, you'll be even more cold. The use of large amounts of water before going to bed may serve as a natural alarm clock. 9. Clothing

Change your clothes as much as possible. What did you go during the day is likely to be a little wet and you will be cold to sleep. If you can not change, try to warm up and dry the clothes by the fire. Perfect solution will be a set of thermal underwear, it is not only warm, but also removes moisture from the skin.

Do not wear the right clothes all the information, you run the risk of sweat and then freeze overnight. Better get dressed first, easier, and more things, prepare and put on the side. If the freeze - will be able to quickly put them on.

10. Wear a hat

Most of the heat in the tent, we usually lost through the head. So always take a hiking hat. It perfectly protects from the cold during the nights.

11. Warm socks

If you merznu feet, carry a special pair of fleece or wool socks. An indispensable thing in the campaign! Wear them only for sleep before the climb into the sleeping bag.

12. Legs in a backpack

Being in a sleeping bag, in addition to warm their lower limbs can thrust them into the empty bag. Sleep in this position probably will not be too comfortable, but your feet will have an extra layer of insulation.

13. The hot-water bottle in a sleeping bag

To maintain the temperature in the sleeping bag many use catalytic or chemical disposable warmers.

As an option, can be heated in the boiler water, pour into a bottle and wrap any shirt. This device you have to put into his sleeping bag. Hardly water will warm all night, but in a couple of hours of sleep warm it accurately enough. When completely cool bottle, it is better to take out of the sleeping bag. In cold bottle will not warm you, and you're it. 14. Do not put your nose in the bag

Mouth and nose should be kept outside the sleeping bag. The heat emanating from the breath, deceptive! Breathing in a sleeping bag, you make clothes and a bag of wet himself. Well thought-out sleeping bag "cocoon" will allow you to button so that the outside leaving only the nose and mouth

15. Lie closer. Keep warm in a tent in the company easier.

Still, keep in mind that during the cold season it is better not to sleep in a tent and campfire, putting pre-screen (heat reflector from the fire), or erecting a shelter, where possible campfire.