Vyacheslav Graf - a photographer who fought in Chechnya as part of the special units of the FSB, the GRU and the Ministry of Justice

Vyacheslav Graf - a photographer who fought in Chechnya as part of the special units of the FSB, the GRU and the Ministry of Justice

transferred through another mountain river, he held over his head in one hand and machine, and the other - the camera.

"The Scarlet Flower"

"One day I took the picture, which was horrified, - says Vyacheslav. - In Chechnya, was attacked by "spirits" upon us, I shot back, then put down the weapons to make a few shots. When the film showed, it turned out that I caught the moment when the bullet went into the heart of the soldier who throws his body, and he was flying in the air. "

Earl's voice (the name, an abbreviation of the word "photographer" was the call sign of Vyacheslav at war - NO | IL.), Trembling, "I is not never going to show in the exhibition because of the war it is necessary to tell otherwise. Among the horror it is necessary to look for "The Scarlet Flower". He gets a thick albums and shows photos. Here is a stern soldier who had just returned from the battle alive, turns into a pathetic child, when he receives a letter from his mother.

And here's a snapshot of where the dog sadly turned away from the plastic bag of candy, "Lesch - dog owner - went on a mission and was captured. His body, half-decayed and disfigured by torture, we planted a week. Despite the terrible smell, the dog found the owner. The guys got to remember the other, and before the dog put a bag of candy, which she loved. Instead of chocolates dog took Loshiny boots, he went with them into the woods, where lay and never got up. "

The fate of the Graf joined two professions - soldier and photographer. Already in school he decided to serve in the Airborne, for which he received the discharge of boxing and learned to jump with a parachute. Once enrolled in the paratroopers passed selection in spetsuchebku "Black Forest" in the Baltics: "We slept four hours a day, rest of the time - physical training, night shooting, theoretical lessons in the classroom." Back home in Krasnodar, Viacheslav married Cossack Marina. At the wedding they were presented with a camera "Zenit". Having made the first shot, he realized: it's for life. The Caucasus as a photographer he was after the terrible earthquake in Armenia, where the first time he wept bitterly, participating in removing the debris. Houses turned into cakes with a layer of concrete floors and corpses mixed with furniture. Then came the war in Karabakh: "My parents - Armenians father was born in Karabakh. I could not stay away. " Here on the Azerbaijani side fought warlords, many of whom later moved to Russia in Chechnya, declaring jihad in our country.

Homeland remembers

I was in Chechnya and Graf. He fought in the special forces of the FSB, the GRU, the Ministry of Justice. Its eastern appearance, coupled with a shaved head and a black beard handy photographer. "Once the market Chechen old man said to me," Buy the Chechen cap. It will save your life, "- says Graf. - So I got to make a nice old man. And she really lives saved. How many times has my kind of confused fighters on the battlefield! "His appearance helped when we had to drive through the village and take pictures of the house where the militants were living on the intelligence.

Count on a few months spent in the mountains, and then returned to the Krasnodar to son Ashot: "My wife Marina passed away young son helped educate grandmother and sister." During visits to Krasnodar he tried to work as much as possible - saving money on your next business trip to the war. Earl was not a professional soldier, he could not go and contractors because it took up to 30 years, and he was 40: "But to sit quietly at home could not. I had the unique experience of the war in Karabakh. I had power. And I went to defend the homeland, which I have brought up and educated. " Film, camera, equipment - everything is Earl bought with his own money. More and exhibitions held - at the height of the second Chechen campaign drove an APC few dozen of his photo pictures in the mountains to the warring soldiers. The unit commander then wrote: "This exhibition is instilled in soldiers confidence that the country, which they defend here in the North Caucasus, remember them." And then it turned out the soldier in his father's soldier - the grown up son Ashot two years served in the 10 th Brigade of GRU.

"There was a case when a group of Ashot during a trip to Chechnya went to the mountains and on the fifth day stopped communicating. And then Colonel GRU, the legendary commander of the 10th brigade Yuri Mokrov night sat in Krasnodar in UAZ, and in the morning was in Chechnya. He took with him the people and took the children. I learned this when my son was already out of danger. Jura Mokrov went Afgan, where he was the youngest company commander, then fought in Chechnya. He called each of his soldiers not only as my son. And concerned for them as for the family. Last year, Yuri died, he was 51. The Kingdom of heaven! We carried his coffin through the never-ending military operation, and each kneeled upon his knees. "

"So much love!"

We talk with a graph in the house, which he built with his own hands for 3 years. It shows a small prayer room with the icons of the Savior, the Virgin and the saints. "Only in the war, I realized how God helps. I was hit by a terrible fire. I began to dig in, fell into a niche, and I covered the earth. The moment I stepped over the brink of the world, no longer feel pain and your body. I saw heaven and hell. And the scale on which human affairs weighed earth. On the left the cup - the bad, the right - good. My scales are increasingly swayed to the left, because good deeds typed a bit. And I prayed, "Lord, give me a chance, I will do only good deeds!" And then I heard a shout: "Live!" I dug up. " Our conversation is interrupted Earl's daughter - three-year-Julia with asterisks eyes and dimples. Earl married a second time after 50 years: "My daughter took my soldier scales - from it I get so much affection and love!" With trepidation Graf says about other children - those with whom you found in schools where the photo exhibition. He pulls out the works of young viewers, and I see him cry, read the line:

"I realized - Russia is! She's alive! And there are people willing to stand up for their country "

"What today can surprise teenager? I have expensive shoes and phone. It seemed enough for happiness. But after I became a photo exhibition Graf and others will live a new life ... "

"After our story about Earl Russian soldiers - the hardiest and bravest in the world, I feel in good hands - like a stone wall. Thank!"

Count carefully folds tetrad sheets - it is his "battle order". This is what the decisive moment will be put on the right scales.