"I've been in this war"

He raised his head and looked to see if the spirits whether they are going to attack. The spirits were not going to attack, but only yelled something, rocked the bodies of our soldiers in the windows. Those - stilled, ossified - with a dull thud dimensional fought against the walls. Some spirits fired without aiming in our direction. Shouted something offensive both in Russian and in his guttural language. They make faces. Cut the skin, knives poked the few still alive prisoners that were the windows. Who shouted, who gritted his teeth and tried to keep quiet. But there was not enough.

And you, the reader, would be able to hold out for two, three days in the cold in a suspended state, and when you cut with a knife? When you are covered as a human shield during the attack as your friends? Some fainted, it saves them at any time from the senseless torture. And you hang and know perfectly well that you do not survive, and watch as your rescuers die, run, they are captured only because they are afraid to shoot. Afraid to fall in love with you. And you have left little choice. Either you die, or kill you, or are you after a while you go mad. Death in this case is the deliverance, healing. And in the subconscious beats crazy thought, what if you're lucky, and you utseleesh. And suddenly save ?! Here and think, dear reader, do you personally responsible for the death of those guys that died a horrible, painful death? I believe that he was guilty. Guilty any longer! His apathetic, indifferent attitude, attitude.

I do not want you, the reader, but imagine that in a few years to start a new war. And you, or your son, brother, friend, nephew happen to go to this new ridiculous, senseless war. What do you say? Right. Do not say anything. You'll be in the kitchen to whisper, to discuss the latest news, letters, gossip. And nothing more. Because the system turn you into a wordless creature that can only cry alone, when it is cut, and help a neighbor, to protect someone - not. And you will live, on his knees, and die in the same position. Help someone, and help you. In life everything is war. If you help, then you will not sell, do not betray. You're a part of your team destroys the other team, "eats" them. Better yet, if we are able to unite, unite. But this is a utopia.

Russian man recently prone to self-destruction, self-destruction, the destruction of others. Anarchy, rebellion, here is the element that is like Russian. But even in defense of their children, killed in Chechnya, Russian could not raise a rebellion. Crushed the Russian people. His Majesty the dollar has enslaved everyone, including the soul. The soul, which can not be understood, you can just buy. Plug, at worst. A purchased or silent soul will never tell against a sound. Therefore, we should have no illusions about our mystery. Just bought and sold, like everyone else. With the only difference that all the gross, and at very low prices. Below cost.

And left to cry on cheap Russian soul intellectuals, who were the first in the years of "perestroika" stood up for the arrival of the dollar. And they called the first robbers in Russia only as "darling", "brilliant", and so on. D. Then it is already engaged in the first fires of ethnic conflict, but they pretended that it did not concern them. When Russian killed here, in Chechnya, they also got into the habit to appear on all kinds of presentations, the people - "freebie", saying flattering toasts criminal authorities. And now, for sure, they stick on any banquet in honor of the opening of the new joint venture and babble about the revival of Russia's former greatness.

"I've been in this war"