He is a hero - and all!

He is a hero - and all!

Combat-Pops - the so-called colleagues Boris Kerimbaeva - legendary Kara-major, commander of a battalion of special forces of the 15th separate brigade of General razvedyvatel-tion control of the General Staff of the USSR. For Kara-major head dushmans warlord Ahmad Shah Massoud, who controlled the Panjshir Valley in Afghanistan, has promised a million dollars!

Much more dushmans leader was prepared to pay Kerimbaeva personally - that he did not put a barrier to his caravans with drugs and weapons. So Kara Major could suddenly become a dollar millionaire. If not for his other values ​​- honor, duty, Homeland ...

... Recently Boris Tokenovich underwent a complicated operation, and the doctors advised him complete rest. Now a retired colonel Kerimbayev lives with his wife Raisa at the modest military pension in an apartment with a poor environment. Due to the deteriorating health of 68-year-old Boris Tokenovich I stopped going to meetings with students and colleagues. But fighting friends often visit the combat Pops support his family. Afghans say such meetings allow the veteran to keep yourself in good shape - in recent years, the wounds received in the war worried Kara Major increasingly ...

While he was in hospital, the veterans of the Afghan war, well-known politicians, businessmen and generals (both active and retired) made a proposal to assign a retired colonel Kerimbaeva title Halyk Kaharmany.

- Worthy of veterans of Afghanistan we have a lot, but the best among us - Boris Tokenovich, - says the first deputy chairman of the Association of Afghan war veterans Hero of Soviet Union Nikolay KREMENISH. - First of all it will be a huge moral support for him. We fought, there were losses ... Having survived that inferno returned home ... and faced with injustice. The country became independent, and the early years it was a shame when we face said what sort of international duty, we have this war did not send ... And if today we do not write the story of the Afghan war, then tomorrow it will be no one left to write. I'd like to be rewarded - while the legendary Kara Major alive ... ... One day Major Kerimbaeva put the combat mission: he must take control of all the 120 kilometers of the Panjshir Valley, to ensure the smooth advance of the Soviet troops in the interior of Afghanistan. General Staff established a clear time - 30 days. Ordered ... and forget!

And just before the start of the special intelligence operation Ahmad Shah Massoud swore on the Koran in front of their throats, saying that only a month he roast in the fire last man Special Forces Battalion (usually a division headed by Boris Kerimbaeva, called the Muslim battalion). These words of the field commander circled the entire Afghan: local know he words to the wind drops. Special report was laid on the table the commander of a group of Soviet troops in Afghanistan, Marshal Sokolov. He called Kara-major and ordered to keep the gorge at any price for 30 days!

- We were thrown into a ravine, promised to bring in a month, but have forgotten. I had eight months to run in Panjshir in the mountains and fight with Ahmad Shah Massoud. And all these months, until we were in Panjshir, on the way from the border of the Soviet Union to Kabul, which is controlled by Ahmad Shah, our columns passed quietly - remember this at the meeting with students of the Military Academy Major Kara.

Battalion Kerimbaeva a little more than 500 infantry confronted the huge army Massoud fighters. Warlord wondered how a handful of fighters shuravi almost a year holds a gorge under control ?! That's when Ahmad Shah has promised one million reward for Kara-major head. But traitors surrounded Kerimbaeva battalion commander was not there, and dubbed the Soviet spooks Major King. Panjshir. The battalion carried out a combat mission, and political officer sent to the idea of ​​Boris Kerimbaeva - to award the Order of Lenin and Hero of the Soviet Union. But the combat Pops did not wait for the highest award ... Upstairs decided, once survived after the raid - for what reward? That would have died a heroic death ...

- Why posthumously ?! - Kremenish perplexed today. - Human need to appreciate, while he was alive! Of course, all Afghans hurt that the Soviet authorities did not appreciate the feats of Boris Tokenovich, although the decision on his appointment as commander of the Special Forces Battalion in 1981 was made in the Kremlin.

According to Nikolai Kremenisha, a retired colonel Kerimbayev in Soviet times I was able to get the rank of general, if not for his character Boris Kerimbayev was not just brave commander, but defiant. He did not hesitate to object to any senior officers of the General Staff, if he did not agree with the orders of the Moscow offices. But for the soldiers of his sick soul, to find 18-year-old boys only words. He always told them: "Sons you are not cannon fodder!"

- Recently, a veteran of the Afghan war Bakhytbek Smagul wrote the book "The King of Panjshir". In this book, the whole truth about the legendary battalion commander, about his life before and after that terrible war. I myself fought for two years, was promoted to platoon zamkomandira. To tell the truth: that the war has become a living hell for the boys, who took first in the hands of military weapons in 18 years. Many were killed in the first few months, and if it were not such commanders as Boris Tokenovich, believe me - the victims would have been much more, - said Nikolay Kremenish. ... In an interview with the legendary battalion Kerimbayev said: "All the boys who died in the war -

heroes! What is the difference, killed a soldier or an officer under any circumstances? He is a hero - and all "!

In the mouth of a living hero - King Panjshir - these words take on special meaning ...