"Work, brothers!". A policeman from Dagestan was killed, not by changing the oath

Guardsman was killed July 10, 2016, but only recently became aware of all the details of the last minutes of his life.

In the photo hero, junior lieutenant of police, Magomed Nurbagandov, who died at the hands of militants. The network has a video of the last minutes of his life.

A group of residents of the village Sergokala republic of Dagestan, one of whom was ml. Police Lieutenant Nurbagandov, resting in the forest when they were attacked by four armed militants. After one of them kicked the 10-year-old boy, his brother, 23-year-old Abdurashid Nurbagandov tried to stand up for him, and was killed by three shots at point blank range. Finding identity police have a cousin who was killed, Magomed Nurbagandova, militants staged his first interrogation, and then shot, removing what is happening in the video. Later, the murder of the record was posted on the net, but the bandits cut "disadvantageous" for them a piece that established masculine behavior of young police lieutenant. Details became known only now. The militants threatened violence demanded Magomed turn to colleagues and encourage them no longer work in law enforcement. At that Magomed Nurbagandov looking at the camera, said: "Work, brothers!". After that, he was shot.

Full video, testifying to the heroic deed of the officer, it was withdrawn from the eve of the destruction of insurgents, who caught up with the wages. SPC employees of FSB of Russia, to eliminate this gang, has posted a video of a special operation with the words: "We work, brother ..."

Petr Deryabin