Problems of modern boys from the fact that they do not have carbide

Problems of modern boys from the fact that they do not have carbide

noted with annoyance experienced one child 80. This is true. When you're 10 years old and you have a piece of stinking calcium carbide, you have nothing to worry about, you're invincible and dangerous.

I am 46, so you have to slowly start to complain about the stupidity of the current urban youth. Its fun, in most cases it is impossible to watch without tears. Surely I'm wrong, but perhaps we have gone too far with care. I remember another, more dangerous extreme. My peers actively undermined military ammunition, sinking, falling from a height, perished in the quarries, died of tetanus. I still wonder that some survived.

You will be amazed, but today's children - not like before. Rumor has it some before the age for obtaining a passport, never fought. I do not know, I would not so betrayed ... Yes, they do not even know why there is a slate and that the bulb is necessary to throw into the fire (actually not necessary).

Once seen as healthy foreheads years to 15, with hairstyles and rolled up pants, collected flowers in a vacant lot. We collected the flowers in one case: when it was necessary to urgently make the carbide bomb (and it had to urgently make always). Well ... we tore collected tufts of vegetation, because it is necessary for the proper course of the reaction, that has not arrived too soon. The main problem was to find a suitable bottle: Soviet industry had not yet learned how to produce the normal screw cap. For the bottles I mother spirits povylival, she still thinks evaporated. Well, I'm not alone ... Bottle, a tuft of grass, the secret ingredient, a piece of carbide. You're being charged. Throw in the bushes. Wait. And then running away with all his forces to check why nothing happens. And it is, of course, takes place at this point.

A significant part of our games by today's standards was illegal and dangerous. But then it was considered normal, if not caught. Statistics do not know, but it all ended badly at times and scary. In those days the newspapers have not been contacted about the accident, only about the Israeli military. Fortunately, our experiments difficult to repeat due to shortage of ingredients.

Chemistry lesson learned while really useful things. Such as a copper coin dvuhkopeechnuyu using mercury nitrate to make "silver" similar to a dime. And then try in the school cafeteria for these 2 pennies to buy Korzhik and still get a 2 penny putting to them, too, to turn 10 cents, and so gradually to get rich.

Needless to say that agricultural nitrate, which came in the spring hozmage never reached gardeners. Since instantly sold out for the needs of rocketry. But still steaming were perfectly plastic ruler, rubber from weather balloons, roofs, construction sites, landfills ... Also we were able to use a pencil and needles emit surprisingly nasty sounds.

Once we found the brick wall of a building for the 38th school beats shock. On the morning of the class diligently collected by serial and parallel circuits. And after class ran for a school to fix the theme in practice. Decent child be kept away from this place, would have told his parents ... Decent in our class did not find, so no one wanted to shame. One took up a wall, the other hands, the last - for the iron fence. Modern education authorities at the sight of this spectacle would be ripped to shreds (and correctly). Electrolytes in our seething, red ties fluttered in the wind, life was in full swing, all survived, but now I understand that this is a coincidence. In general, self-mutilation was considered then a fairly honorable occupation, developing the mind and temper the body. Formally ceased to be children, we continued furiously to develop and grow stronger in the army.

"Airsoft has not yet invented, but we have to do something!" - so we talked. And cut down machine-sleeve round wads of leather soldier's belt. Then ought to remove the bullet from the cartridge, gently, without losing the powder, replace it with a leather circle. And then run for his teammates on the spooks-town, firing at each other. These shells were left on the body beautiful circular marks, which defined the company commander, who tonight will go to the march.

... Now everything is much more sedate, sterile, much smoking - and correctly. Well - safely away. Unfunny becomes just when we are confronted with the extremes. They are not to leave, there will always be for the organization on the one hand and carelessness, curiosity, stupidity on the other. Sometimes a self costly to some of us paid for. In any case, to moralize it was useless.

Teens have changed. They all have interesting, they have forgotten how to read and creatively dodge, get involved in a senseless adventure, to endure pain, to circumvent the prohibitions. However, we are not only street shot, and maimed, but also prepare for life. It all started with a relatively secure yard, year after year extended range of our habitat, we are groping, which is dangerous, and what - is extremely dangerous. Some of today's children, sometimes without going through the stage of even the yard, live to the age when parents are told that it is time to work. Getting up from the computer, they suddenly fall into a strange world where you can not save. Under Brezhnev was not like this! It is better carbide and slate.