Russian soldiers 300 is not necessary, enough for one

Russian soldiers 300 is not necessary, enough for one

This famous photo. Georgia, 08.08.08, after the defeat of the Georgian army, its indented part of the regrouped and decided to return to Gori, but ran into a Russian checkpoint.

The photograph shows one of the Armed Forces soldier with a machine gun at the ready confronts an entire column of infantry Georgian Armed Forces.

Of course, a column Gunners officers threatened with a weapon, so he stepped out of the way and let them pass on what they hear in response, "Idit @ x yb .. Th ...". Then, machine gunner tried to talk to the foreign media, who moved to the column, and got the same answer. As a result, the column turned around and walked back to where you came from.

Foreign journalists later published an article titled "Russian soldiers 300 is not necessary, enough for one."

I increased the part of the photo especially for fans of homegrown Nazis and measure the skull. Yes, yes - it is the RUSSIAN soldiers. And you and your rulers roll to hell, to the Austrian artist.

What thought this soldier? What he felt at that moment? Unless he was not afraid? Certainly, it was. Or he did not dream to have a children and grandchildren, and live a long and happy life? Of course, like.

You represent NATO soldier standing like this, with a machine gun in front of a column of the enemy? Me not. They too appreciate his life. Then why are we, Russian, others? And why foreigners think we are mad and unpredictable people?

Donbass, New Russia. year 2014. Alexander Scriabin died as a hero by throwing grenades at Ukrainian tank. Alexander was 54 years old, he worked for mine Talovskaya mountain-installer. Dead leaves behind a wife and two daughters. Is it a sense different from those that had Alexander Matrosov, covering his body embrasure of a German bunker?

It is in our genetic code, and goes back to the very same time when the first leg of the aggressor stepped on our Russian land. It always has been. At all times. Changed only chain mail and helmets, spears were replaced by machines. We got tanks, and we have learned to fly. But the code remains the same. And it works in us always, when our house is going to destroy or capture. And he gives us rest, if offend the weak.

How it works? As we begin to sound alarming music that only we hear. This code is heard in our church bells up until the uninvited guests will not be thrown out of our land.

And here comes the most important thing. In each of us wakes warrior. In each, from small to large. It binds us by an invisible thread. And foreigners do not understand. It needs to be Russian. BORN them. When our land in danger, or elsewhere on the ground hurt someone, whether it's in Abkhazia and Ossetia, and in the Donbas, our snipers become the most well-aimed, tankers - fireproof. The pilots turned into aces and remember these incredible things, like a corkscrew and a ram. Our scouts do wonders, sailors are unsinkable, and the infantry reminds Steadfast Tin Soldier.

Therefore, those who are going to attack the Russian and expects to see in the Russian land kneeling Russians loaves and flowers will be very disappointed. They will see a completely different picture. And I do not think they liked it.

They are destined to see a Russian man who became a Warrior, next to which will be fearless brothers - warriors of all nations and nationalities living in Russia!

P.S. People who are in the subject, can see that the machine gun from a soldier - PKP "Pecheneg". In 2008, it is quite confidently points out that in front of us - a fighter Spetsnaz GRU. Thanks to him - like it guys back Russian self-confidence and pride for the country.