Former employee SBM built the 100-meter bridge

Former employee SBM built the 100-meter bridge

Nikolai Sokolov, a former SWAT officer from the village Nepotyagovo Vologda region

Self-built 100-meter-long bridge linking the two villages, equipped with spring, built a chapel:

"I am - a former police officer who worked in the police for more than 20 years. First, in the riot, then in SWAT. We had to go on business trips, but I do not like to remember that time. Several trips have been to Chechnya. Now the ninth year in retirement. Once some free time, I began to arrange well their village. Helping villagers who build bathhouse, who raise the fence.

On the dam

In Nepotyagovo dam there. In the 70 years the village Nepotyagovo decided to turn into an urban village. In one part of the village built a two-story brick houses with comfortable apartments. And in another part of the village residents have allocated land for cottages. To solve the problem of watering the gardens by the river Shogrash built an artificial dam. Water spilled Nepotyagovo and divided into two parts: the city and country. To get around the dam, it is necessary to make a detour of three kilometers. Bridges long ago broke down, and people were forced to make a long detour to get to another part of the village.

On the bridge of

Build a good bridge over the dam asked me in front of my mother's death. She said, "Do it, my son, for the people a good deed. After all, no one but you for it does not take. " I decided to tackle this issue. He asked the Spassky rural settlement, asked for money for the material. I was given 50 thousand rubles, part of the funds I added from her pension. The distance from one end of the dam to the other was about a hundred meters. On the

I bought the sheet metal from which the cooked piles. In winter, when the pond was frozen, I from one bank to the other stretched the rope and every six meters to make a mark. Then I use the scrap at designated locations set piles and drove them through svaeboyki a few meters into the bottom. In the spring I made a raft and continued to work. Put the jumpers between the piles, he made a wooden deck railing. None of the villagers have not expressed a desire to help, only son Jack helped me. So we made Mighty hundred-meter bridge, 1, 5 meters in width. All the work took me six months. People still thank, grandmother very happy that now do not need to make such a big hook. I have been sworn never to hope for someone other than yourself. Villagers inspired by my example. They began to get out on the streets, mow the weeds near the village, a city built for children.

On a spring

Here in the forest there is a spectacular spring. My father has brought to this place. I decided to ennoble it. Brought 800 "KAMAZ" silt, two winters spent on it. Rubbish removed. Spring has expanded, and now there are two. Built a chapel in honor of St. Nicholas, made a fence for ablutions, planted avenue of oaks, cedars, pines. In a clearing set table with benches and a canopy. Spent electricity, made toilets.

About pilgrims

Now the source of pilgrims come from all over the world. I hung up the book reviews and suggestions, there are records not only from all parts of our country, but also from other countries. From many countries in Europe, Australia and so on. On Baptism was a few thousand people. Every weekend, people come here. The forest around the chapel and spring I took a lease for 49 years and pay him 7000 rubles a year. Since people do not take a penny. I want people to have visited here have felt all the grace of this extraordinary place. Initially attempts were vandalism unknown broken icons, cast them into a spring. I restored all now "raids" have stopped. I do not know why people do that. I believe that every person can change the situation in their home country for the better. You just need to do something and not be lazy. On the "spring"

Recently, at the "Springs of the Vologda region" our source recognized as the best. Attended 32 of spring 18 districts. The competition is announced in the Legislative Assembly, to such places in the Vologda region has increased. He was held in the framework of the Year of environmental protection. It was necessary to arrange a spring, write an application and attach to it a source of photos ennobled.

About me

I have a big family. C My wife and I met in the construction team. We have four adult children. We look forward to the fifth grandson. The other day my daughter get married. My wife in my work also helps, is not sitting idly by. She is an educator in the regional children's hospital. In his free time actively involved in my community activities.

On a Dream

My dream is to build in Nepotyagovo stone church of the Transfiguration. The parish is, a blessing on the work we have received, now I will get to work. "