Escape from Afghanistan by plane

Escape from Afghanistan by plane

The capture of IL-76 in Kandahar - the seizure of commercial transport aircraft IL-76TD Kazan company "Aerostan" with seven crew members on board cargo and ammunition for the troops, "Northern Alliance", "Taliban" movement forces in Afghanistan. It is known heroic escape of the crew on his plane after 378 days of captivity.

August 3, 1995 the plane Il-76TD board RA-7684 with 7 crew members on board for the government in Kabul as part of an intergovernmental agreement with Albania, contrary to the decision of the Soviet Union on the termination of the supply of weapons, ammunition and fuel to the conflicting parties in Afghanistan, made a commercial flight on Tirana (Albania) -Kabul (Bagram, Afghanistan) with a cargo of small arms ammunition. The actual recipient of the goods was the "Northern Alliance", controlled Bagram airbase worst enemy forces "Taliban" Ahmad Shah Massoud.

Similar flights to Bagram, in particular, from Sharjah crew performed several times, carrying a variety of loads. Flight from Tirana with ammunition was third after two of the same, it is quite successful. Over Afghanistan plane was intercepted by fighter aircraft (according to other sources - two) MiG-21 movement "Taliban" and forced to land in the area of ​​Kandahar under the guise of cargo inspection. Among formally permitted for the carriage of small arms ammunition box was found with banned for carriage shells. More than a year (378 days) of the aircraft crew members were held captive in very difficult conditions, suffering from the heat, lack of water and poor nutrition. The psychological state of the crew was also very hard: they seriously feared for their lives because they were captured while transporting arms to enemies "of the Taliban." On the other hand, they have not noticed any significant effort on the part of Russian authorities rescued them from captivity. The Taliban offered them to convert to Islam with promises to improve the lot. Relationship with Russia could be maintained, in particular through Timur Akulov, Tatarstan President Mintimer Shaimiev representative.

Akulova attempt to exchange prisoners for spare parts for helicopters failed. On the other hand, managed to win the right to a rare personal meetings, including with other representatives of the Russian authorities in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and send mail, which allowed to discuss details of a possible escape. The crew was able to convince the Taliban that very valuable aircraft requires periodic maintenance. In the absence of in-house expertise, the crew was permitted, from time to time, under armed escort, to maintain the aircraft in operational condition.


Escape from Afghanistan by plane

August 16, 1996 the aircraft crew was able to escape on your same plane - through Iran to the United Arab Emirates. At the next maintenance (in particular, it was the reason for the faulty wheel chassis) start the engine and crew taking off using the attenuation vigilance at the airport because Friday and prayer time. Aerodrome service tried to prevent take-off, but to no avail. Airplane fighter raised in the air was not. Guards, which was smaller than usual, managed to disarm and bind. Enough fuel for flight, as the aircraft prior to flight to Kabul was filled with the calculation of the return flight and fuel was drained. For more stealth aircraft went from Afghanistan to the west, Iran (rather than north to Russia through Central Asia), with at extremely low altitudes. Iran's air traffic controllers, as was agreed upon in advance, missed the plane in its airspace, the aircraft subsequently flew freely in Sharjah (UAE) On the night of 18 August 19, the Russian pilots have returned to Russia.

August 22, 1996 signed a decree on awarding a crew RA-76842. Crew commander and the co-pilot was awarded the title of Hero of Russia and all the other crew members were awarded the Order of Courage.