About Russian spirit and Russian

About Russian spirit and Russian

Do you know what is a unique feature of Russian in the war? It is not the courage, as many of you surely are thinking. Of course, our brave warriors. Even incredibly brave. But there are people on the battlefield no less brave than us. Take the same Japanese, which, incidentally, is called "Asian Russian". Our uniqueness lies elsewhere. We're sentimental. Yes exactly. And if other people, just unthinkable sentimental life, this quality during the war goes (as, for example, Spanish-speaking nations), we have - no. We on the contrary, during the war, this quality, in some ways, even intensified.

No, we - not the teddy bears. When we fight - we can not only be unthinkable brave, but also incredibly cruel. But our other cruelty. It no gloss or sparkling. It comes out of our heart, like a cry of despair. As something extreme. Extreme. Because, unlike others, we do not enjoy it. We do not like their cruelty. We hate it. Our cruelty - through tears. And woe to those who awakens her. Because that is why, perhaps, it is incredibly strong. It - something totally dark, chthonic, as a black moonless night mudslide. Stream from which it is impossible to get a drink, in which it is impossible to swim, it is impossible even to stand next to him. Stream carrying only bubbling liquid stones and earth, turn into death. And we are winning even the most powerful enemies. Why? Suvorov said: "We - the Russian God with us." (C). And if so, who should we be afraid? But our cruelty - only on the battlefield. She almost never goes beyond it. Defeated enemy instantly ceases to be an enemy. Or rather, no longer perceived as the enemy. That is why we almost never attain his enemy. Yes, we pay the price. But there's nothing we can not help it - it we are. The losses on the defeated enemy - it's not ours. This - not in Russian. Even knowing that bastard have to finish - we do not. It is disgusting to our nature. Which remains the sentimental even in war. We have not decided to bully prisoners. If most of the other European nations and for all Asian is the norm for us - a sign of the bottom.

And yet we have not made trample the defeated nations. Emperor Alexander I not only banned the burning of Paris - it is even forbidden to blow up the bridge, once named one of their victories over us. The gesture is absolutely unthinkable for others. And that after the "civilized Europeans", capturing Moscow, staged stables in the church where lie the bones of our kings. A command of the Soviet Army was ordered to shoot the soldiers for the violence and looting against the German population of the territories of Nazi Germany, that had been captured by us. The soldiers belonged to it with understanding. Even after just passed on the Russian lands, been under the Nazi yoke, saw the charred bones of villages burned together with the people, they saw the concentration camps, learned what happened to their loved ones back in the territories lost in 1941. Even then Russian soldiers remained Russian. And always remains, even knowing that the enemy is defeated, oklemavshis can jump again. What he does from time to time. But we will never become the other. War - it is murder. And every enemy of my people, no matter how bold he was, in fact, knows better than anyone else on the planet is able to kill my people. But my people, these are not drunken. For him it is not joy but a heavy burden. And he is sentimental. Yes, he knows how to hate their enemies and knows how to punish them. But he will never allow himself to sink to their level. Just because we - Russian. And God is with us.

And this is not the highest price that can be paid for the fact that He is with us.

(C) Paul Rust (call sign "Shakespeare").