Why Alabai fled to the Russian military camps

Why Alabai fled to the Russian military camps

Anywhere in Central Asia, the emergence of Russian military camp - just a few weeks - leaving locals without a shepherd (the ancestors of today's Alabai, by the way). That's enough of that period, all dogs guarding flocks in the vicinity of a military unit, appeared in the Russian camp on the Rights of the guards - where they are regularly fed, petted, and above all, love (!) (!) (!).

It is therefore not aware of any case to the local "partisans" night successfully managed to sneak up and attack the Russian camp - night "vizitorov" dogs tore to death. (This is not a verbal turn it literally.)

Moreover, a known case when a few dozen of these former shepherds literally dispersed battle order of several hundred Turkmen cavalry before they had time to attack the Russian camp. And it was the afternoon.

I must say that at first surprised by Russian dogs such hatred to their former owners. Then he stopped, because the Russian saw that local with their dogs spoke exclusively with kicks and stones but with sticks, and anyone who thought once to feed their shepherd, would have looked like an idiot (and who still need to be in order to give food-halal animal? ). It is clear that with such a treatment is not something that a dog and a hamster and the owner will hate. It must be said that the local breeders will sooner or later come to believe that their dog (dogs) need to take in Russian, for economic losses were obvious and large:

Firstly - a flock without a dog unattended ran (with all the consequences arising from this);

Secondly - the place of the dog ran away, before working for free and bezedno, had to hire a shepherd working for the money and the grub. And although the work of the shepherd in Central Asia was incredibly cheap, yet it was quite unexpected and unnecessary costs (and so often in very poor people).

And then one (or when both) day, the commander of the Russian troops led to overpower the fear of the local, and the voice of Russian officer in a business proposition: "Return to me my dog ​​(dogs) or pay for it (them) ..!" And the sum is always called a completely outrageous - the dog was on the minimum price of a camel.

What insidious Russian replied:

- You want to take .. Yes .. Take for God's sake?!. Hey, show him the dog and let it be all of their picks!

By the time that a local came to take his dog, the camp usually know and see a free circus came running to all who have not been employed in urgent works. Rooms Show pack of dogs, "they Vaughn, take any ..." And he went to them with a stick in one hand and a rope in another, without feeling any trick.

But the catch was - by the time the dog pack has clearly produced a conditioned reflex: any local unaccompanied least one Russian soldier, on the border of the camp or in its territory, must attack without any prior commands and bark.

How much do you will stick, if you both from all sides rushes dozen other feisty dogs with an average weight of 1, 5 pounds each (and some instances and heavier)?

Generally, by the time when our soldiers had a good laugh, stripped of dogs, the local has been overhauled bitten and Podran even stronger.

Yes, rude, intolerant, and not in a vegetarian, but what happened, it happened - the times were hard, the toys were the iron, the soldier's life was dull and dreary, so amused the soldiers as they could.

Well, after a few such cases, wishing to regain local dog somehow translated.