15 reasons to get our 70th

15 reasons to get our 70th

Of course, life in the Soviet Union was far from ideal, it was a lot of good, and it was bad. But there is time something unconsciously attractive, something that constantly asks back. Here are 15 reasons to return to those golden years.

1. Education.

Soviet education was completely free and available to everyone. Any school graduate from a small collective farm somewhere near Dushanbe, was free to go to MSU, free education, free to live in the dormitory, but still receive a scholarship for a good study. And, of course, the quality of education: it is rightly considered the best in the world at that time.

2. Medicine.

Medicine in the Soviet Union was free too. Yes, she is now free - you might say, but the quality of services does not go to any comparison. The most powerful in the world at that time, the system clinical examination and vaccination, access to spa treatment. Try it now to get in the district hospital permit in sanatorium from the first call - sorry ...

3. Free accommodation.

Yes, the apartment is not immediately given, had to wait for their turn, but they at least allowed. Odnushku gave the young specialist, and after the birth of two children could get three rubles already. And again, all this for free.

4. Unemployment.

Or rather - its absence. In the USSR, since 1929 there was no unemployment. Especially beneficial it looked against the background of what was then the Great Depression in the West. 5. Equality.

The standard of living "top" and "bottom" of course different, but certainly not in the dozens of times. The vast majority of the population was just a Soviet middle class. Often, there were situations when a skilled worker in the factory earned even more than the director of the plant itself.

6. Rest.

By 1988, the Union has worked 16200 sanatoria, dispensaries and vacation homes, accommodation and treatment that citizens paid only partially. The right to rest was not an empty phrase and follow very strict.

7. Science.

Do not say, and science in the Soviet Union was the most powerful. Approximately half of all scientists and engineers of the world to work in the Soviet Union. Not surprisingly, it is the first to launch a man into space the Soviet Union, the first to come out in open space, and many other discoveries made public.

8. Army.

By the mid-1980s, the armed forces of the Union were the largest in the world in terms of a total of more than 5 million soldiers, and possessed the world's largest stocks of nuclear and chemical weapons. In addition, the Armed Forces of the USSR has the largest tank groups on the ground - about 60 thousand tanks, which is 2, 5 times greater than the number of siege tanks and the US combined.

9. Confidence in the future.

Citizens of the USSR were quite certain that nothing will happen either with the country in which they live or the enterprise where they work or the institution in which they study. You can safely go to bed every night without fear that tomorrow will be fired. Or raise the rent. Or raise prices. Or even some meanness do in the state. level. 10. The public education.

From the earliest years of Soviet children instilled a love of work, respect for elders, the norms of behavior in society. As a result - there was no such rampant crime as it is now, yes even banal trash on the streets was at times less.

11. The queues in kindergarten.

Yes, the USSR also had a queue to kindergarten, because the birth rate has been at a very high level. But their turn Soviet children were waiting at worst 1-2 months. Compared with what we have now - it's just a fairy tale.

12. The Friendship of Peoples.

It was not an empty phrase. Consciousness "Soviet man" often prevailed over the consciousness of belonging to a particular nationality. No one, in fact, do not even think about these nationalities were all each other comrades.

13. Culture.

Somehow it's embarrassing to compare the level of Soviet and Russian cinema. Literature, theater, exhibitions and museums. Yes, censorship intervened very strongly in all spheres of culture. But this did not prevent the then directors to shoot such films, which we are reviewing for decades.

14. The goods in stores.

Yes, there was "shortage", so to speak, instead of the 100 varieties of sausage on the counter lay 2 grades, but they were both from the meat. The vast majority of products have their own production and at the same excellent quality. 15. Factories.

Industrial enterprises have been a great many, and all of them are always jobs. The Soviet Union was not only to oil and gas state. All that was necessary for life, it produced.

Of course, the USSR was not a utopia, where all life was simple and easy, and especially the Soviet Union was not some heavenly garden where people could live happily without worrying about anything. Life was hard, many ordinary and familiar things today we had to "get", bartering for something, in many situations, it is almost impossible to avoid "cronyism" and the right friends. But no matter what over the head of the Soviet man has always been a cloudless sky, and ahead - confident life and a bright future.