Feat Podolsk cadets.

Feat Podolsk cadets.

Think about it, they were 17-year-old boys

75th anniversary of the feat of Podolsk cadets ... 74 years ago, about 3, 5 thousand cadets of Podolsk military schools have entered into our history another heroic page. In October 1941, they stopped the Wehrmacht, who rushed to Moscow. Zhukov spoke to the cadets, saying only a few words: "Children, hold out at least five days. Moscow was in mortal danger. "

Podolsk artillery and infantry schools were established in the 1939-1940-ies. Before the Great Patriotic War were trained up to 3 thousand. People in them. Chief of Podolsk infantry school was Major-General Vasily Smirnov, and the Podolsk Artillery School, Colonel Ivan Strelbitsky. With the outbreak of war in these schools, students, Komsomol members from different higher educational institutions of the USSR were sent. Program 3-year education has been reduced to 6-month. Many of the cadets had before it entered the fray, having studied only one month - September.

In early September 30 - October 2, 1941 the Wehrmacht launched Operation "Typhoon". October 5 enemy units seized Yukhnov, and reached the approaches to Maloyaroslavets. In defense of the Soviet troops in the combat area Ilyinsk Mozhaisk line of defense of the capital gap was formed, which the German command could be used to gain access to Moscow. On the same day the enemy's column -. 20 thousand infantry and up to 200 tanks, which moved along the Warsaw highway, aerial reconnaissance discovered.

There was no way the only provisioning rate in this area was only a young man of these schools. October 5 about 2 thousand. Artillery and cadets of 1, 5 thousand. Infantry School students were removed from the alarm classes and are aimed at the defense of Maloyaroslavets. Podolsky combined detachment of cadets have set the task to block the path of the German troops in the combat area Ilyinsk about 5-7 days until they are transferred reserves. October 6, 1941 the party arrived at the battle site Ilyinsky Maloyaroslavskogo fortified and took up defensive positions on the rivers and Puddle Vypreyka the village Lukyanovo to Malaya Shubeyki. There are two lines of concrete bunkers were built, but construction did not finish them in time - there was no masking, armored shields of loopholes. Cadets, established their artillery training in the pre-prepared pillboxes and took up defensive positions at the front of 10 kilometers, only 300 people per kilometer. Together with the locals they quickly strengthened borders, anti-dug trench.

Even before the major battles, the vanguard of cadets met with a group of paratroopers Captain Storchak. During the day the Marines held off the enemy at the turn of the east bank of the river Ugra. Together with students, they decided to organize a counterattack that night, it was a surprise to the Germans. Marines and cadets, holding back the onslaught of the enemy, gradually retreated to the main line of defense - on Ilyinsky. 5 days of fighting, they knocked out 20 tanks, 10 armored vehicles, destroyed up to 1 thousand. Enemies. But they themselves have suffered heavy losses in the cadet battalions vanguard killed up to two-thirds of the personnel.

On the morning of October 11 the enemy began fighting - position Podolsky combined detachment underwent massive air strikes and artillery fire. After that, the bridge tried to cross the bridge column of enemy armored infantry. But the German attack repulsed.

October 13 in the afternoon, the tank landing forces of the Nazis in the 15 tanks was able to bypass the third battalion to enter the Warsaw highway in the rear of the detachment. The Germans went stratagem to deceive and cadets tanks secured red flags. But the deception was discovered, and the attempt to attack from the rear failed. In a fierce battle the enemy was destroyed. Failed attempts to break the spirit of the Soviet cadets with promotional leaflets. "Red cadets' called to surrender their will to break the false message that the Warsaw highway captured almost to Moscow, and the Soviet Union will seize the capital in a day or two. But no one gave up!

Soviet young people fight to the death, withstanding artillery and air strikes. Melted forces ended ammunition, by 16 September in the ranks there are only 5 pieces. That same day, after a powerful fire attack on the entire front of the defense, the Wehrmacht was able to capture defensive positions in the area of ​​Ilyinsky and then only after almost all of the students who are the defenders were killed. Before the evening detained enemy promotion dot on the highway near the village of Sergeyevka, they commanded the commander of the 4th battery Lieutenant AI Aleshkin. Calculation of the 45-mm cannon knocked several enemy combat vehicles. Only when it got dark, the enemy infantry was able to go to the rear of the garrison bunker and throw grenades.

October 17 command post detachment was moved to Lukyanov. More 2 days cadets defended Lukyanovo and Kudinovo. October 19 fighters defending Kudinovo were taken in the encirclement, but they managed to break out of it. The same day, the cadets received the order to retreat. October 20 the few surviving students Podolsky combined detachment began to retreat for a reunion with the troops, who occupied defensive positions on the Nara River. October 25 published their cadets sent to Ivanovo to complete the training.

In this fierce battle Podolsky combined detachment lost about 2,500 students, the enemy lost about 5 thousand. People and up to 100 tanks were destroyed or knocked out. Their task they performed - the enemy was detained, while won. Lieutenant Aleshkin. His pillbox Germans nicknamed "pillbox comes to life." The fact that Aleshkina managed to disguise his pillbox so well that the Germans did not understand at first, so that by him shoot and then, when they had already dug up from large-caliber mortars land side were bare concrete bunker. Armored door and armored shields did not exist, any next shell exploded constantly hurt our heroes, our boys but Aleshkin chose another tactic: the moment when the Germans, finding it a pillbox, rolled anti-aircraft weapons and direct fire shooting at the bunker, aleshkintsy took his gun, rolling out its position on the spare and waited, when will the frontal fire. The Germans have seen with our eyes, what's inside the bunker shells are broken, well, nothing living there may not stay, and re calm, waddle, stormed, they believed that all students be destroyed, and that could stay alive after a devastating fire. But at some point the dot revived and again since! Shoot: guys rolled into the shattered pillbox gun and again opened fire on the soldiers and tanks of the enemy. The Germans were shocked!