SPC-1: a mud gun marine commandos of the Russian Federation

SPC-1: a mud gun marine commandos of the Russian Federation

The work of Soviet naval commandos holds many mysteries. The purpose of the gun saboteurs SPC-1 is a noiseless mounting any explosive devices to various structures.

Subversive war has always demanded from the creators of weapon specific approach. They should go unnoticed in any environment. Similarly accomplish the combat mission covertly and quietly leave the object of sabotage.

If land with experts a little easier, the divers must be to arm and equip special tools, which can operate in the water, not to create excessive noise and no unmask themselves.

The main weapon of the Soviet marine commandos, since the days of the Spanish Civil War and the Great Patriotic War, were naval mines. But already since the 60s of the 20th century, began to come into service compact, small-sized ammunition with nuclear warheads. They could be attached to any available military sites and for remote or temporary fuse activated.

But the explosion may have been affected themselves installers charges. For this purpose it was necessary to reduce to a minimum the charge attachment to any design, made from durable materials. Hammering under water very convenient and it is impossible, and other means to attach the explosives was not simple. This problem has forced engineers to sweat a little to solve this problem. At stake was the country's defense.

And in 1970 a solution was found. Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering fulfilled the Ministry of Defense of the target program.

Engineers were founded upon the sleeve of the sample holder 1943, who shot many domestic weapons and set up a special cartridge 7, 94 mm PS-1. Instead of bullets, he fitted out a dowel for fastening of various devices, including charges for materials and who had the strength of steel, concrete, brick, wood.

Working in parallel on a cartridge, and engineers have developed a device to use it - a special gun for driving anchors. The versatility of this tool and weapon lay in the fact that it can be used both on land and under water. A new sample of the weapon was immediately adopted by the Navy divers-scouts and GRU (Main Intelligence Defense Administration).

Its purpose is to quiet mounting of any explosive devices to various structures. A new sample was named SEC-1 "Shot" (special pirodinamichesky complex). For quietness tooling was fitted with a special silencer. When firing squib powder gases through a perforated (with holes) of the barrel portion left in the muffler.

Ammunition-arms tool comprises a removable magazine accommodating a 6 rounds, which is mounted in the upper part. At the end of the muffler has a special grip to maintain the pierce plates. All fixture takes little time.

But the only drawback of SPC-1 is that it is, though not much, but allows the discharge of exhaust gases on the surface of the powder. In this case, it depends on the dive depth.

It is possible to use the tool as a defensive weapon at short distances, in water and on land.

TTH set of SPC-1 "Shot":

Chuck: 7.94 mm

Mass gun unloaded: 1, 8 kg

Length: 280 mm

Magazine capacity: 6 rounds

Maximum use of the depth: 40 m