How to overcome the terrible fear and to become a threat

How to overcome the terrible fear and to become a threat

The majority of people in my life, not once confronted with a situation that could be called critical. In these situations, all in as if compressed in a lump, the emotion of fear seemed to fill the whole body, depriving him of the ability to move or alternatively introduced into a panic when the visibility of reality reduced to a minimum due to the loss of perception of concentration. However, many felt a sense of when the soul goes to the heel. In this case, fear can become stronger in the body and to prosecute the person even where it seems to be not to be. He deprives a person of confidence, it takes strength and kills the dream

Fear can accompany a person all his life denying the existence of its usefulness. For most people, whether they realize it or not there are different complexes. These complexes are nothing but as the effects of fear. Fear of failure, fear of physical violence, loneliness, fear, and so on. D. In an emergency situation, when the threat to the life or physical harm is so close, that fear causes a tremendous inner tension, there is a global change internal processes have serious consequences for the mental health and how Ironically luck in life achievements. Yes, yes, fear can erase all the things you dreamed and aspired to something, often not even appearing in the consciousness

If you look back on your life defeat, failure, and so on and deeply look into the causes, you will see that the culprit is fear. Even where you have lost through no fault of your circumstances. Think about it, what prevented you to stand up and continue to pursue the objective? That's just fear, fear of loss of time, fear of repeated failure, fear of the opinions of others, and so on. D. Either it was not a serious purpose. But this we do not say it is unrelated to the topic Here is the real enemy, or more than one, he wants to hurt you, and his aggressive behavior says he will not change his intentions! You do not know what to do, to hit first? And suddenly promazhete or not, he will not fall, because it is the answer! And suddenly he had a knife in your pocket! What if he hit the first one! And suddenly serious backers are behind him? But what if…. These can suddenly be a lot! It causes fear or method steps. You are not sure you can handle, you are not sure, and suddenly everything can be solved by a little blood, you forget everything you know how you about it just do not think! Once. Thoughts like fever, or just head fever, and thought then and there. All a little different, but the essence is still one.

As a result, we can divide people into two categories. Some of those who are in this state ready to accept the fate of hope, and suddenly will carry. Something like a reflex to pretend to be dead. Submit to the aggressor! And the others, those who, overcoming their barriers still takes effect. Community "Peaceful Warrior". Arms and Security

Now let's look at what can help us get rid of the fear. The first to talk about what you can - it's a feeling of superiority. Namely, it allows you to not be afraid. If you have a gun, then fear will experience more your enemy. You are at this moment can revel in a sense of superiority and a view of the fear of the enemy.

But the gun is not so easy to get, and the carrying of firearms, too, could lead sideways, it is also scary. What to do. One simple solution is to put high quality punch. At the same time it noted that the quality delivered a blow, allows you to raise self-esteem, feel the inner self-confidence and this is manifested not only in the moment when the threat of a possible fight, but in life in general. Hence, it is necessary when doing self-defense in the first place to do just that question. Another way to fight the fear can be considered as the ability to get angry. The ability to overclock your psyche, to enter into a state of controlled fury. Try to work out at a certain habit of being angry at myself for fear. Angry at the enemy for their own. Generally enter into a rage when a fear. You'd be surprised, but the rage completely takes out the fear. If you are threatened, you fall into a rage and furiously resisted. If you are afraid of failure in fact, you're angry at yourself and furiously to achieve the set objectives.

In short, you have to develop the qualities that allow you to be better than others, or at least not inferior to them. In this case, most importantly perseverance and constancy, and most importantly do not be afraid, it does not happen. And if they are afraid, angry with himself, and continues to strive for it. Engage increase physical strength, make a strong impact, become an expert in some or some areas. Learn to understand and be aware of the emotions of fear and anger. Learn to replace fear to anger. But this anger should be cold, manageable. That is, it should appear in the mental intensity, but without a real hatred toward anyone.