Professional advice: how to calculate the surveillance and the "tail"

Professional advice: how to calculate the surveillance and the

* Definition * "tail". Terrorist acts are usually preceded by the period of surveillance. Be careful and learn how to recognize, that are monitored for you. If you notice a "tail", it may change the plans of terrorists to conduct any actions against you. However, do not show that you have identified the "tail", otherwise your security deal will provide only your personal business.

* "Bad" guys rarely wear loose-fitting coats with belt *. Do not expect to see a la Sam Spade in such attire. Your "tail", is likely to be the person whom you least expect to see, for example, a woman or an elderly person. The Irish Republican Army (IRA) is used for these purposes, even children. You need to identify a person or a few people who most often come to you in the eye.

* "Tails" shift work *. Do not expect to see the same "tail". Surveillance teams are usually conducted: one person is directly behind you and the other far behind, in order to cover up near the "tail". Other team members observations can follow you parallel routes on the other side of the street or on a parallel street. They can use car radios, or "walkie currents" (walkie-talkies), if the operation is performed on foot. * Constant attributes and signs *. "Tail" can carry a bag full of wigs, glasses, rapidly changing bilateral ties and jackets. Try to concentrate on the signs such as growth and characteristic facial features. Contemplate the objects and clothing items that can not be quickly changed, for example, pants or shoes, and remember personal items such as rings or other jewelry that attract attention.

* Some methods of conducting surveillance on the vehicle *. Car observation can overtake you, and stay with the fact that you caught him. This is usually the case for heavy traffic. "Tail" will always use this situation to the best advantage for themselves.

* Tricks * headlights. Some teams surveillance organize games with the headlights to the car in the dark looked alternately as a sedan or a motorcycle. This is done by means of a switch. In the off position in the rearview mirror, you will see the light of a single lamp. This is done in order to make you believe that a suspicious sedan that you see above, left.

* Dodge * taillights. Check the tail lights of your car. If you find a small hole in one of them, it may mean that you are under surveillance. This is an old trick that allows you to "tail" to stay the night at a sufficient distance from the object even with very heavy traffic. For this and made a small hole in one of the rear lights. The lantern will shine a bright white spot, not red or amber. An experienced professional can also insert a bright light bulb in the lamp of your car and leave a light bulb with a lower intensity in another. It can also simply remove one of the light bulbs. * Arrangements for surveillance *. Do not underestimate the level of sophistication and savvy team supervision. Smart professional can stick striped reflective film on the bumper of your car, or to attach a variety of miniature devices for tracking or radio compasses. Keep this in mind during daily inspection of your vehicle for the presence of the explosive device.