The traveler told the bitter truth about the "zazhravsheysya" Moscow

The traveler told the bitter truth about the

A month ago I returned from a trip around the world in 100 days, and 100 rubles. Live from this only became more difficult, but I managed to see from their native city where I was born and raised. Now being here has become customary, but the thrill of his rebirth in the minds are still fresh.

At the entrance to Moscow from either side of thirty kilometers the road starts to grow into new bands, and then turns into a broad highway with a fence on the sides. On both sides endlessly flit same type housing estates, block by block, the cell of the cell. Most of the population lives inside the "sockets" or "buildings" in an apartment on one of the floors 4-6 doors, rather than in their own homes, apartments, townhouses, or slums.

The variety of architecture is amazing. While La Défense submitted outside the historical center, on Manhetane hard to find buildings of the XIX century, now in Moscow is not enough that a huge number of truly beautiful buildings, all of them intertwined together: stone architecture, modern, Stalinist skyscrapers, temples, Moskow City all It is near. It is not surprising that the number of pictures in instagramme for geotagging Moscow ranked second in the world and high-altitude shots from the roof lead to shock and is gaining popularity - the center of a very, very beautiful, can not be said about the rest of the mass is the third transport. By the way, as in Rome, in this city there is another closed city called "Kremlin", which is also surrounded by a wall, is beautiful and is one of the country's business card.

Here superbesheny rhythm. It seems more than half of the people are preparing for the world championships in race walking, if you try to go on foot in the stream of people, certainly psoluchish "You weaves or what?" From a business lady on heels desyatsantimetrovyh or scolding from bent grandmother with a trolley. Both will rapidly overtake and shoot over his shoulder vystydlivaemym look. Not sure about the New York and London, but just the speed is much faster than in Beijing, Mumbai, Los Angeles or Paris. This is the vayfaezirovanny city in the world. The average speed of an Internet khaljavnogo about 10 MB / c, home 50-300Mb / s. In Dubai, the heart of people all over the catch wi-fi only in the giant mall and try progruz their half Laika in instache in Shanghai to see the video on YouTube, my friend waiting for 10-30 minutes, and the movies are downloaded directly online or kofehauze the bus stop! I walk down the street, and the phone will automatically connect it to one place to another - cafe, library or museum. Inet is, even in the metro !!! Have you seen it?

Speaking of the subway. Its biggest advantage - is the embodiment of the museum underground, such beauty, even in Stockholm raspiarennyh caves not found. I have 20 minutes to peer into patterns Mayakovskaya or Slavic Boulevard, even though he was on them by 50 times. The biggest disadvantage - the noise level exceeds the level of beauty, as well as everywhere in the subway the main post-Soviet cities. In conversations passengers yelling at each other, as in the worst family disassembly, and surprisingly mobile communications operating under the ground makes the calls to "Who? Hey! Damn, I can not hear anything! I'm on the subway, call back, "But two laps in the middle of the map - it is very beautiful.

The metro is asking to be polite. Compare: "hold on" and "Dear passengers, hold on to the handrails." However, sometimes the information content comes to the absurd. Once told me: "station" Komsomolskaya ".

Daylight Sokolnicheskaya line, yield for the railway station and the train stations Kalanchevskaya - Leningrad, Kazan and Yaroslavskoye. The lobby station "Prospect Mira" is closed for reconstruction. Use the lobby Kaluga-Riga line "And then finished off". Be careful, the doors are closed. Next station "Prospect Mira". Dear passengers, be careful when leaving the car, gives place to the passengers with children, pregnancy, women, the disabled and the elderly. " If passed a worldwide competition for the longest ads in Subway Station, this record would certainly took the Grand Prix. Followers of this message - locals and patrons, others have long forgotten where Kalanchevskiy station, which station is closed and someone who concede. I will not put mind as there is still possible to push the same message in English.

The number of migrants from Central Asia at times exceeds the number of Russians - and it is no wonder a visa to enter them is not required. It seems that they are the same as Mex in Southern California. It is very strange that there are no shops and cafes in Tajik or Uzbek, where migrants will only accept immigrants as had long been arranged in many parts of the world.

People here dress more tasteless than in Paris, but Muscovites have already been developed or are trying to do it intelligently, than in East European capitals. However, it is difficult to estimate the color of clothing, which is highly dependent on the generation and social class - full of people than can, bright, dark tones. However, women aged Dress Sov less than in Belarus, Ukraine and eastern Russia. Young people also dress warmly in winter is considered "uncool", so the girls go bareheaded and wearing pantyhose, but still wear the skins of dead animals, and raising skukozhivayas shoulders rush from the office to the subway station.

Meet on the street is much more difficult than in America or Southeast Asia. Girls who want to learn, you need to build a towering and self-sufficient, as well as offended if a stranger does not understand them mikronamekov and interest. However, with the Caucasian men spit on all the hints and regulations, and always ahead acquainted with single, married, young and old. Russian men drove less strongly than Americans, but much more confident Germans, guided by the rule "How many times otshivali what to lose." female people are very beautiful, but less sexy than most Cuban and Hispanic. The level of sex culture medium, following the Japanese and Chinese higher. Approximate age of first sexual activity - about seventeen years old, the first time its presence is taken to hide from rodieteley. Homosexuality prisekat condemned and loudly until mass beatings of attempts of its display; lesbian love is of interest, 80 percent of girls have ever come into contact with the girl; most people male dream of sexual intercourse way, but do not report it to their zhenzhinam. Sex after a hike in the club is thriving, and pick-up wizards are advised to deal with them in one of the three first dates. Sex shops are popular mainly for stalled couples.

Most families after forty rarely have sex, by the way, dissatisfaction in the sexual life - one of the most common reasons for divorce. However, marriage is much more Cratchit than in the states, for the family and stability - this is the status of a person in the eyes of society and identity. Many families in 20 years of life is replaced by the concept of "love" to "attachment" and "convenience". About the children taken care of, is rarely given the opportunity to select and send to the sports section, University.

The Russian language has a special word "Ponte". Such amount as in Moscow, can not be found even on Miami Beach. Until now, iPhone 6s statustnosti considered an indicator, it would be nice to flicker in a decent society, and Avito have ads like "rent 6s for the wedding." People constantly evaluate each other in accordance with their ideas about the world. Unmarried and unmarried after 28 start to think that with them that something was wrong, because all sides society and relatives fill up tips on starting a family. There really important social status; People who graduated from Moscow State University and worked as a waiter, is perceived as a loser. People are not self-sufficient, and are constantly seeking recognition from the outside, feeding it with material values. Among generations felt a huge gap. Born in the days of Khrushchev and perestroika in the nineties still do not understand and do not accept each other's values. I have the feeling that this is where being determines consciousness. The older generation, though trying hard, bad delve into social trends. Near the metro stations pillars still plastered with wallpaper of the ads, which are also working in competition with konteksnoy advertising and seo. This Asia in flesh, pieces of paper more than on the outskirts of Ulan Bator. At transportation hubs can be found a huge number of listings of missing persons, there is a suspicion of illegal slave market. However, it is not talking about what people go here more often than anywhere else, but that they are looking for.

Population thumps heavily, but much less than in the rest of Russia. The average age of the first samples of vodka - for fourteen years, students drink everywhere, but still deny it in front of my parents and after binge drinking hard chew the cud. Many families believe that their children do not pyut. Among the working class decided to work on weekdays, and good to get drunk on a Friday or Saturday. The older generation is drinking hard liquor, because it was made in their times. Drunk people do not look friendly, but aggressive, can rebel and begin to contend for a trifle. The choice of vodka and beer in stores strikes.

Homeless people is less than Houston, but more than in Novosibirsk. As expected, they drink not drying out, but manage to smell better American. Any benefits in the form of eight hundred dollars to them, and the unemployed are not paid, but offered reabelitatsii centers, services to combat drug addiction and addicts. Despite the active anti-smoking cigarettes shoot as often as in China, and actively shoot trifle under any pretext of a series of tickets to Orenburg, surgery on the knee or just booze. Beggars here was much less than it was ten years ago, but still popular form of incomes for controlled transitions in the public transport, referred to as "post money for the birth of his daughter." Moscow - is a huge city, almost like Istanbul. Air pollution is slightly higher than the average European capital. When applying for a job people are in the "drive time to the workplace" can tick "less than an hour." That is all that is less than an hour, no longer ranked and determined how little! Spend on the road for three hours a day is considered normal. To go to a bar, a shopping center and cinema people can pull the whole day, half of the time from which the road will eat. The instability of the ground public transport, many kilometers of traffic jams and frequent sad weather conditions contribute to the fact that you can not accurately calculate the time necessary for the journey. In the morning and in the evening people are either pushed in the subway, or proudly quarrel alone on the same lonely motorists around, standing together in line at the traffic light voooon.

The public transportation system affects the development and availability of, you can reach every corner, only a matter of time. Passengers in public transport tend to show the face of thinkers and thoughtful. Smiling people may perceive for drunk, stupid or visitors. Some smiling together, one as much zadolbala. At the meeting views rarely speak, most people turn away, closed or try to look dangerous.

While worldwide the state is trying to save the cost of electricity to Belarus at all turn off the lights along most of the roads from one to five nights in Moscow, the number of fires is growing. I'm on the area for a week on half of the houses have established a new backlight shparyaschuyu twice as strong. Well, the New Year in Moscow delivered a lamp from around the world, this diversity svetoukrasheny you will not find in any city in the world. While preparing for more serious and is decorated with numerous fairs, there is every year competing themselves with a dot, and all pedestrian streets in the center of garlands, chandeliers, lamps and lanterns kilotons in San Francisco, just pull out the Christmas tree and skating rink in Union Square in Brussels. Or just put a giant crown of the theater. There is a feeling that it is not in the ruble fell more than doubled, and the dollar in five, after it was decided to organize a festival and prove to the sun, that Moscow is also able to shine. New Year is celebrated with all the dope, then it is considered impolite to talk about the work - still ten days no one does anything. In general, Moscow and Russia - two different countries. Different in terms of income, life values, to the state and to the world, the possibilities of development. Migration system is that - from the provinces, young people move to one million people like Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Yekaterinburg. From major cities torn in Moscow and St. Petersburg. A born in capitals or dream of leaving the country, or are attempting to dump in Europe and the States, or give birth to a stable job, a family and become the average citizen of the city. Make their way to the top and reach the super elevation is usually more to motivate visitors, they need to try harder, as opposed to local, have telephone, housing and dad with mom next door.

happiness level is not high. Moscow office staff with odnushke on the edge of the machine and the last decade, with a probability of 80 percent would be less happy than the average Indian Varanasi, dug up a second shirt in the trash, wears jeans worn by great-grandfather, who lives in a box and smiling sun. It is assumed here to complain and to unite in "following complaints" - the low standard of living, to relatives, to an unknown future, on hamovatogo driver, the high utilities for goats-men.

Local people think that Moscow - a uniquely western city. Although the ideology of life and this is not the case, trying to show everywhere, even mowing the Latin alphabet in the name of the institution - "IZba", "Probka on the color," "KrapiVa". Further names it does not go, because the level of English proficiency is still low.

Over the past two years, Moscow has become the capital of the road in an unrealistically cheap city. Travel on the subway - a little more than 40 cents, a hamburger - 60 cents, a business lunch in the restaurant - $ 5, $ 10 average hostel, a five-star hotel on Tverskaya you can stay for 160 bucks for two. All this is very, very cheap, both in Asia; though policies and justify invaluable ruble by 70 percent, for foreigners it does not matter. Most salaries are still considered in rubles and not only do not increase with the rate, some even lower. It is still not clear why Western society does not offer mass-gastronomic, tourist and shopping tours in Russia and Moscow for such ridiculous prices. formation rate is high. This is evident even on the creative advertising that is aimed at a more relaxed and adult audience than in the states, and more wealthy and ingenious than in Asia. People in public transport still occasionally read fiction or nonfiction - are you have seen in the developed Hong Kong or Singapore? A large number of some of the best in the country, along with St. Petersburg, universities, museums, libraries and art centers nurtures culture and make it fashionable young people.

In Moscow, one finds that it is necessary, as in America. Someone sees great potential for events, some rude people in the streets and boring office colleagues, some lewd young people, and some huge investments in startups. Since 80% of people not born in this city, it is assumed in the rest of Russia, that Muscovites boorish and mercantile. However, not visitors, and Muscovites are very friendly, respectable and cultured. Despite the economic challenges, Moscow still remains a city of opportunities, opening new frontiers for everyone.