Is it possible to kill a climber in the house of the thief, thugs?

Is it possible to kill a climber in the house of the thief, thugs?

If my house thieves climb, and I'll be home, of course I'll call the police, and now they were going to call, I'll take anything heavy or sharp knife and a hammer, and I will protect my family. If I'm not at home, my wife do the same.

If one of the robbers die, me or my wife will be put on the long term. Apparently, law-abiding citizen should call the police and hope that the robbers politely say hello, take whatever they want, and quietly leave.

Last year, a man who defended his family and his home, killed the robber hands, and was a long time:

"In November 2015 the court convicted Novosibirsk Viktor Hanchar, who beat a stranger who tried to come to his apartment. One of the blows for the guest turned out to be fatal. Ganchar accused of intentionally causing grievous bodily harm, negligently caused the death of the victim. The man had a liver rupture. dead was previously convicted for robbery and selling drugs 32-year-old Artem Galkin. However, Viktor Gonchar, this fact did not help. The investigation into the case lasted more than a year. As a result, the court appointed Victor ha Charu seven years of the colony. "

Seven years for what you did not become a corpse, your family intact, your property is not damaged. Do you think a man who was breaking into your apartment, safe? Not the killer? Apartment thieves who do not want to go to mokruhu for weeks tracking down when the owners will not be home. Choose those who can accurately take something: "This I successfully went". This is also the criminals, I do not condone. However!

Stoned junkie, did not realize where the climbs will not listen to a lecture on the rule of law. There is one way out: to beat with all the dope on the head. If he had died at the same time, then what is my fault ?!

I think that people who have committed murder, protecting your home from intrusion of criminals should not be punished at all. It's my pleasure!

Of course, the investigation required. If the owner threw a hangout, the local drunkards and dope goes to visit him, as to itself, and once gostepriimets still ran, it should be judged as a murderer. He provoked this situation.

But in those cases, when the bandits burst into a normal person, or opened the apartment, thinking that no one, but have not guessed, and he has an ax handy, and it is their sloppy chopped into pieces, should be given no time limit, and a medal for bravery . Repost if you agree.