Cap of Monomakh was present hordes

Cap of Monomakh was present hordes

"heavier you are, the Cap of Monomakh!" - said Boris Godunov in the final of the tragedy of Pushkin.

And it's true: some historians do not exclude that a cap, a symbol of the former Russian autocracy until the crown - not just the royal regalia, and the symbol of the Moscow-Horde Union.

Supposedly those who faithfully served the Uzbek Khan, he was awarded the clothes and shoes, and a cap of Monomakh - a golden skull-cap, which Uzbek Khan award for dedication of Ivan Kalita.

Hat, presumably the work of the Central Asian end of XIII - beginning of XIV century, with sable edging, decorated with pearls, rubies, emeralds and cross kept in the Armory of the Moscow Kremlin.

Daria Kurgan