What to take a hike: Tips seasoned travelers

What to take a hike: Tips seasoned travelers

is necessary to take only the most necessary in the campaign. We do not advise to take a hike your entire collection of paintings. Enough to take a small Dutch - they look perfectly in the glow of the fire.

Agree in advance with your friends, how many takes in the book campaign, who microwave, and who - a microscope.

It is very important to choose the right backpack for a hike. Remember that blue backpacks with pink boots are no longer worn.

It is often this: pick up the inexperienced hiker backpack full of seemingly necessary things, and his more experienced comrades again - and do not take it to the campaign! However, this option we are considering today is not. Our advice - just in case you still take it.

Shoes should be selected for the campaign such that was comfortable to sleep in it.

Clothes, shoes and body must be prepared for a hike. More in the city are like a couple of months in hiking boots, hiking drink of vodka, spacing stomach stew.

Unfortunately, the stew out of the backpack is now gradually replacing the instant noodles. This is unfortunate, because with the stew out of camp life and a good snack.

In the campaign just need a compass. After all, it can be easily found on the moss trees.

Soap take it with as much as is necessary to wash your hands. Take food to keep from starving. But the matches take more - not to die from a lack of matches.

Matches can be stored in a condom. The campaign will be useful and dry matches, and a condom. In addition, as can easily be explained later why you needed a condom campaign. With regard to personal hygiene, take the bare minimum - one liter of 95 percent ethanol.

In order to not only correct, but also to place efficiently in a backpack all your stuff, you can invite an experienced Merchandiser. And then, perhaps, the end of the campaign still is profitable buy.

Women need to take a hike as much as you will carry their junk.

To take or not to take a hike pregnancy test - a choice needs to be done to you.

Do not forget to bring a good mood. Pack it in a plastic bottle and hide away from friends, good mood which will end on the second day hike.

Unreliable hidden in a backpack a bottle, you risk to wet his throat.

After putting everything you need in a backpack, then put it on, think again, whether to go somewhere. Perhaps it makes sense to just have a rest - to build a hut of cushions, sing songs around the carpet and settle down.

And now a few tips for those who do not calm down

Halt or parking should hold where there is the most essential - wood and water. Therefore, the most profitable place to camp - between the sawmill and the water tower.

But just in case, before going hiking ask the experienced tourists, where you can sit together in the evening-vvosmerom, without alcohol.

Arriving at the place of a halt, first of all pay attention to what was around beauty.

The second case, make sure that no bastard did not take a camera.

Following this proceed to fuel the fire. Very steep considered to ignite the fire with a bottle. Try before going properly learn the constellations and stars of the most attractive, because a lot of girls, "Vega", "Cassiopeia", "Aldebaran" sound like hypnosis.

In a tent with a need to take only what you need: flowers, champagne and good mood.

Sleeping in a tent is better lying down. It will save your strength in the campaign. But if you found overnight on a cliff, so put the tent to stand up in her head.

If you caught the overnight train, you can do without a tent.

To scare away animals and insects lay at the entrance to the tent my socks or feet. Furthermore, it is possible to mark the inside corners of the tent.

Do not dilute the fires in tents, otherwise you will be too hot to sleep.

Coming out of the tent in the morning for the morning ritual, be sure to pay attention to the wind direction ... Well, of course, beauty.

And the last thing I want to say

Many novice tourists ask if you can take the children hiking.

Children take a hike safely. These cunning creatures only pretend to be small and weak. In fact, they are extremely strong and hardy. This is evidenced by the picture Perov "Troika". Therefore, children in the campaign should not be considered a burden, but rather - the main drawing force.