Look, do not make a mess! Published major signs associated with a knife

Look, do not make a mess! Published major signs associated with a knife

What are the signs associated with the knives?

The knife is accompanied by a man for so long that trace its history is almost impossible. During its existence, man has made so many versions of this simple, seemingly things that there are multi-volume encyclopedia of knives. The knife was always next to the owner: even with the military, even with the villain, although a man of peace. As a result of close cooperation rise to many beliefs and superstitions associated with this companion of man. Some of them are quite explainable practical origins, while others border on the legends and mysticism.

Well, for example, everyone knows that you can not eat with a knife. Most often our parents attributed the ban to the culture of behavior. However, older people believed that the one who eats with a knife, is sure to become angry. If you think about it, to find some explanation for this old can take. To whom and under what conditions, and had to have to eat with a knife? For those who have at hand was not a fork. It hunters, soldiers, robbers, one word - people who are often in harsh conditions. Naturally, the character they have formed to match the lifestyle.

Or is such a sign. Do not place a knife on a table edge up, they say, will quarrel. Of course, it can happen if someone inadvertently cuts his hand! At about the same point of view, can be explained by the prohibition to leave the knives on the table at night. People say that the house was angry and slaughter negligent owner. Well, maybe so. Or maybe there was such a ban, and because in the dark night has a chance to get hurt. Electricity-it was not, and the torch to light for a long time. And if you stretch the imagination, you get that knife on the table - the night the thief weapon. From this point of view is considered, and a ban on the fact that the knife was lying on a windowsill at the full moon. According to popular belief blunt knife. And if you approach the issue rationally, we can assume that blade gleam in the moonlight attracts unwanted attention.

Cutting properties of this object made of many treat it with caution and to attribute the ability to harm even at a distance. For example, in rural areas believe that if poke a knife in the milk, the cow, whose milk is sdoili, ill. The same prohibition applies to other milk products, except butter.

Give the knife can not be, since it can be cut at the same friendship and good relations. Therefore always taken a knife to give a small coin or bill. But to give up a gift in the form of a knife can not. As for the knives found, it is strongly recommended to take a knife on the road, and even more so - at the crossroads. There's nothing can not be taken, and that will haunt disease and unhappiness. And you can not take home the military knives, especially from the battlefields. This knife-killer. They know the death, and the man, choose a weapon, he runs the risk of knife die or kill someone.

Or here is another "knives bloodsuckers." Who would such a knife in his hands might take - sooner or later cut himself. So as not to ranitsya, this knife is necessary from time to time to give blood, for example, cut them fresh meat. And, you can use a knife for protection from evil people and enemies who want to come into the house. To do this, bloodsucker knife stuck over the front door. Some of the signs associated with the cutting properties, helping to create good things. For example, if a child for a long time did not start to go, then between his legs during the first step was carried out the knife blade on the floor - cut bonds. After this procedure, the child learned to walk much faster. A cooked before bathing water carefully poured through the knife blade to cut off all disease.

And finally, tell the most mysterious sign. Among the hunters used to meet those who live away from people. This was especially true hunters of wolves. If such of wolf manufactured the knife with his own hands, without a hammer and rivets on the handle, then came the full moon in the forest, he could become a werewolf, wolf. For this purpose it was necessary to plunge the knife into a dry aspen stump and jump over it.

Handcrafted Knives generally cause special treatment, because the master in each of his creation put their hearts. Apparently so the knives are treated like living beings.