Survive if the programmer in a post-apocalyptic world: pros and cons

Survive if the programmer in a post-apocalyptic world: pros and cons

Imagine for a moment that the world as we know it, has ceased to exist. Kind of catastrophe has destroyed 99% of humanity. Survivors fight for survival and the preservation of the species. There is no electricity and modern technology, without which today we can not imagine our lives are useless. As a programmer to use their skills for the benefit of mankind?

will survive

William Emmanuel Yoo, a keen programmer: I still have a cached version of "Wikipedia". I'll make sure that my solar panels have survived, and can charge their devices. While they will work, I will become Oracle Knowledge. In the meantime, I will try to copy all of the most important knowledge on some less volatile carrier.

Do Balentayn developer: The education and experience of the programmer is not anything that could be useful in a post-apocalyptic world to survive. But if you are smart enough to become a programmer, it is likely that you will be wise enough and then to acquire new knowledge useful for survival. For example, about fishing, hunting, working hands, the search of medicinal plants. And most importantly, to master the art of communicating with others.

Shane Rayo developer: Programmers advantages. First, they are able to think several steps ahead - most likely, they had prepared for the worst. Secondly, they are sufficiently well-off to afford to stock up on everything you need:.. Food, fuel, weapons, etc. Most Americans can not afford it. And the engineers and mechanics will be able to collect and customize useful devices: power generators, firearms, vehicles and so on. If they do something they do not know what will quickly learn from the textbooks on physics. I trained have all the necessary equipment and supplies knowledge on rigid substrates. Sam-I was not prepared for the deadly earthquake. But I have a few friends programmers who have provided everything apocalyptic scenario.

Vikas ture, Interests: Programmers will be new characters, because while everyone else will panic and try to build something, they will divide and conquer.

David Lindfield: Programmers could collect nuts.

will not survive

John cammin, teacher and programmer: I think the programmers in a post-apocalyptic world of the action plan is simple: to avoid or to pursue with a single set of input data: "This is dangerous? Yes or no". I think in this situation it is better to survive builders Company, gunsmiths, farmers and others.

Chinmey Yoshi: Programmers are people too. They have no particular advantage or disadvantage in the face of extinction of mankind. But they are much less adapted to survival in the wild, where they will live after the disaster.

They will lose the familiar ground from under their feet - their cafeteria and Linux. They will be in the space in which one can not simply write the code to make it work. They will try to find an internet connection and the knowledge gleaned from the articles "How to survive in the wild", which are actually applicable to the situation in which they find themselves. Try to construct an algorithm of their actions in a familiar manner, but it is unlikely it will help them. Survival of the fittest. And as a programmer, I see the only opportunity for us, colleagues - let's unite!

Lloud Pasach: After the apocalypse programmers will have no choice but to be slaves. They will be at the very bottom of the pyramid of the new society, together with bankers and brokers, as it will take the strongest top - vampire / zombie winners, police and soldiers.

However, no one knows how to actually behave programmers in a post-apocalyptic environment. We often think in stereotypes.