Now you know! How not to rub calluses with a jog or hike

Now you know! How not to rub calluses with a jog or hike

Be discreet.

Corn in the field - a common phenomenon, so you should not start thinking about the blisters only when the pass for 10 kilometers. It is best to think about it in advance. Have you properly tied his shoes so that they do not rub. Do you bring patches and even a first aid kit just in case?

Strengthen your legs.

Many people strongly rubbed legs because they have soft skin. The skin on the feet has a stiffer simply often go barefoot.

Choose the right shoes.

Correctly picked up shoes - this is the key to avoid corns during the campaign. Shoes should be in size. Should not dangle or shake legs. Before going to give it enough time, and do not wear shoes that are booked on the internet and do not even have measured.

Socks as well as shoes should be in size.

More quality socks, for example, synthetic which do not collect water or crumples on the heel or toe of the shoe. You can buy a dual-layer socks or wear 2 pairs of thin socks: one pair will remove moisture from the foot, and the other to mitigate the friction. If you know where the most often rubs calluses - stick to these places patches before you go camping.

You can use tape or electrical tape. They as well as plaster reduce friction. (Although not is not always well kept - if there is no patch, but there is an insulating tape or the tape - you can try)

Keep your feet dry.

Skin from moisture swells and begins to rub harder. Therefore, go around the puddles. Use is waterproof but breathable shoes. If still soaked feet - at the first opportunity - take off your shoes and socks and dry.

Keep your feet clean.

Of course, the campaign is difficult to keep your feet perfectly clean, but still. Mud promotes the formation of calluses and also can be a source of infection. So if you have strong legs dirty, rinse them in clean water when possible.

Use a good insole.

It happens that all the problems with calluses due to bad or worn soles. So do not rush to buy new shoes, if they mozolyat your feet - possibly replace the insoles enough.