Old captain revealed the secret of survival on a sinking ship

Old captain revealed the secret of survival on a sinking ship

In this article we are talking about all the famous shipwreck in which the probability of survival is very small. The largest shipwreck so many consider the event with "Titanic", as a result, many people were killed. But in fact, this tragedy is not the largest in the history of mankind. Indeed mass disaster is a collision of the passenger ferry "Dona Paz" tanker called "Vector". This event took place December 20, 1987, so that the passengers, trying to survive by jumping off the ferry in the oil avalanche escape from that even in the depths of the sea was impossible. People have experienced terrible suffering before death.

Those who remained on board suffocated in thick smoke. The total number of those killed in the shipwreck, there are 4375 people. Later, in the hospital thirty people have died from severe burns. Today briefed the passengers of ships is very important and necessary. The representative of the Department of Fire and Rescue Force claims that the passenger should always be on guard, even before the start of the voyage. To do this, you must ask for a license, namely the permission of the ship to carry passengers.

Before the flight should pay attention to the windows on the lower deck, which must necessarily be closed. It should be noted that for this reason Bulgaria "admitted" water on the deck, whereby the bottom 122 claimed human lives. The same disaster suffered a passenger ship was heading to the shores of Australia. It sank near the island of Java. On board were refugees from Iran, and bought in Sri Lanka tours. Of the 170 people saved only 120.

Important advice every tourist related clothing. As you know, to keep warm, you can use a large amount of clothing, which is in full you need to dress. It is necessary to dive in clothes, on top of which should be put on a life jacket. Get out of the deck should also be extremely cautious, following a special evacuation plan. These instructions can be found on the wall of any cabin, even in the hallway. The main thing - to get to the very top deck, where, as a rule, should be placed lifeboats.

On the first day of the flight it is important to review all the decks, so that in case of evacuation to be always ready for successful survival. If the liferaft is necessary to jump on board, the first thing you need to pay attention to the fact that the clothes should be no interfering metal things. Clasps and buckles only hinder exercise jump. Moreover, the metal can easily spoil trim. If you want to jump into the sea, then it should be done with the help of the so-called "soldier", with mouth and nose should be covered, and the legs are pressed together.