And you think you can save the family from starvation?

And you think you can save the family from starvation?

Not all had a child the opportunity to get to know the laws well, for which there is a living and inanimate nature. So I will give only the most basic information, based on the knowledge base of the average man. So, let's say you spent supply of food and do not have the possibility to ask for help. It is unlikely that you have had with a firearm and more experienced hunters and I, too, sometimes, "wasteland". As a rule, the hunters know what to do with the game, but the fishermen, having a gear - with fish; therefore, cover such issues do not see the point. I will focus on those who are not specially designed devices.

1. Fish. For its fishing in small rivers and streams can be used, for example, pants tied at the ends of the legs; you can catch your hands in holes and under rocks, for this it is necessary to grasp the stone hands near the bottom and keep his hands to himself, clasping the stone, with a little practice you can get the hand grabbing the fish.

Good spear can be made of forks tied to a stick. You may notice a sleepy fish, you need to gently bring under her hand sharply to grab and throw to the beach. At large rivers can use bait with boric acid or lime, it can be obtained by calcination of chalk, limestone, shell ...

After application of such baits to collect supernatant fish. Worst of all, when the early spring water podmoet ice off the coast, that is, the winter means you can not use the already and the summer - even impossible. However, and here you can do with improvised means. For an hour I easily gained up to a kilogram of fish. Obtain a stake of about 2 meters in length and walk along the shore. Fish stands beside him. You will only need to hit it and choose. Rarely stun immediately, but you will see it is likely soon and take away on the way back.

2. Cancers. They are easiest to catch in the holes. If there is diving, they can gather on the bottom. If the water is too cold, it can be rachevni - make a circle, for example from a wire diameter of about 0, 5 meters, adhere to the bottom of it a cloth or mesh, link it to all stick. At the bottom tie, e.g., frog and drop into the water. Periodically, it is necessary to raise rachevnyu and watch does not appear if there is cancer.

3. Molluscs, e.g. mussel. Collect them, I think, will be able to all. The taste - quite acceptable.

4. Reptiles are also suitable for food, kill them, you can, for example, a stick.

5. Jerzy, rats and other small animals, which can produce improvised means.

6. Bird eggs.

7. Plant foods.

8. Mushrooms.

Paragraphs 7 and 8 - recommend eating only well known. Do not get carried away by one species - may contain drugs or other substances in large quantities are able to harm health.

Plants that are recommended to eat:

Plantain (young leaves - the raw, the older - in soups)

dandelion (young leaves - raw to remove bitterness soak in cold water, the roots can be replaced potatoes and coffee) nettle (available is crude, scalded with boiling water to remove formic acid well and boiled, 5 minutes, a) - red clover ( raw or boiled) sorrel (raw or cooked, do not abuse them) buckthorn (berries) cattail (roots can be eaten raw and cooked), Hawthorn (berries - do not overdo it) Rowan (raw berries, boiled, can be used instead of tea), blackberries (berries) - rosehip (raw berries, instead of tea), blueberries (berries) - cloudberry (berries) apple (fruit is good to cut the plates and dry storage) strawberries (berries) - cherry (fruit) - nuts

In winter, there have kidney seeds and nuts of trees such as linden. You can find berries, remaining in the fall. If you have no utensils for cooking, the most simple ways of roasting will probably these:

1) coat the meat or fish and a clay oven on the coals.

2) to dig a hole, to impose therein fuel; on top of the edge of the pit to put the sticks, and on them - stone, all this in several layers; when burned, can be cooked on the stones.