Things to know: The best fishermen of the world shared their secrets "superkleva"

Things to know: The best fishermen of the world shared their secrets

Where there are reservoirs in distress should be no shortage of food. For fishing equipment in kits need to include a set of woods, hooks, lures, sinkers.

The best material for manufacturing rods are hazel, birch, juniper. . The rod should be sufficiently strong, flexible and have a length of not less than 3 m are used as bait, depending on the type of fish: earthworm, maggot, crank, winged insects (grasshoppers, wasps, bees, mosquitoes, large midge), ant eggs, .. rye bread, etc. for fishing predatory fish (pike, carp) apply bait - small live fish (gudgeon, bleak) impaled on the hook, and the pieces of foil, pearlescent buttons, etc...

Of course, the fishing differs in each case their characteristics and requires certain techniques, various gear, hooks and bait t. D. (Depending on the type of fish).

However, success in fishing knowledge will help simple but very important rules:

♦ is the best time for fishing - the early morning and early evening hours, in the afternoon udyat only on cloudy days;

♦ nibble improves with decrease of the water and completely stops the change of weather before cutting;

♦ better biting fish in areas with clear water having a small amount of organic impurities;

♦ nibble increases in areas of the reservoir, which accumulated a small space mosquitos, maggots, midges and m. D .; ♦ when fishing from the shore should be placed in a bush or large tree so as not to stand out from their background. In this case, the sun must be behind that own shadow fell into the water;

♦ the most favorable for fishing are: in narrow rivers - areas where they expand, in a wide - constriction, in the deep waters - shoals in shallow - well in stagnant ponds and lakes - ducts in all the rivers - creeks .

At the rapids and shoals, which rushes clear mountain stream, well caught grayling and trout. When catching insects use a fishing rod without a weight and better in windy conditions when the ripples prevent the fish to see the fisherman.

When trolling choose the deepest parts of the reservoir.

When angling in cloudy weather spoon carefully polish ash, sand or a leather strap. Throwing trolling, twitching it occasionally, to attract the attention of predatory fish.

Klyunuvshuyu fish is cut sharply, but not much traffic, and then hold the line under tension, vyvazhivayut fish, pulling her to the shore.

The above recommendations are not designed for experienced, "seasoned" fishermen, and are intended primarily for people malosveduschih, maybe for the first time on the need to internally tackle fishing.